Members' Choice Vol.4 Best of 2014

Members' Choice Vol.4 Best of 2014

Each of the recipes included in this collectible cookbook have been voted "2014 Members' Choice" favorites by members of the Just A Pinch Recipes... a tasty honor indeed. With 100 recipes, 70 featured home cooks and 8 delicious chapters, this cookbook is jam-packed with heirloom quality eats!

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Jamie Johnson - Dec 28, 2014
I made 2 batches of these rolls for Christmas dinner. They were a HUGE hit. So delicious and easy to make. Thank you for posting this recipe!
Jean Romero - Dec 4, 2014
What a surprise to find this out today, thank you staff and fellow cooks, what an honor to be published. Was just getting ready to post another recipe when I found out so now will go back and post a new recipe. I really do love cooking. A BIG THANK YOU
Nor Mac - Nov 29, 2014
Rose you have wonderful recipes. I can see why you have been nominated so many times. Everyone in the book is very deserving of the honor. I have to reach out to a few who I think may not be aware they are in the book. Tammy is one of them.
Rose Mary Mogan - Nov 29, 2014
Yes, Noreen it is great to have any of your recipes chosen, I have 3 in this volume and am very honored as well. I had some in the 2012 & 13 issues also. I just ordered 3 books and shipping for the 3 books is no more than if I had ordered just one, I was real happy about that. They will be great to have and I am sure your recipient will be happy to receive the gift. I can't wait to receive them.
Nor Mac - Nov 29, 2014
Oh I am just flattered to have any in the book. I was stunned. To have four just boggles me! You are all outstanding cooks. I ordered 2 books. Christmas gifts. I will enjoy trying the great recipes in the book.
Rose Mary Mogan - Nov 29, 2014
That's because you are a great cook and we love your recipes Noreen. smile It really is an honor even with just one recipe since there are so many great cooks, but to have 4 recipes now that is something else. Hang in there I am sure you will be in the next one as well.
Nor Mac - Nov 29, 2014
What a huge surprise. I am very honored to have 4 recipes in this book. It is huge honor to be included with so many outstanding cooks on JAP. Thank you to JAP! Hugs :-)
Gretchen *** - Nov 28, 2014
Wow, I'm honored to be included in here with all these AMAZING cooks!
Thanks JAP :)
Jammie Gogel - Nov 25, 2014
I feel truly honored to be in this years cookbook. Thank you everyone at just a pinch! I'm so excited & look forward to getting my cookbook soon :)
Staci Smith - Nov 23, 2014
My GOODNESS ! What a surprise ! I am so thrilled that I was able to share a recipe that others can now enjoy! My sincere thanks for the addition in this wonderful cookbook !
Wendy Rusch - Nov 21, 2014
How awesome to have been chosen to be part of this cookbook!!! And then to get 2 recipes in there!!! Amazing!!! Thank You soooooo Much Just a Pinch!!!
Congrats Everyone!!! :o)
Susan Bickta - Nov 21, 2014
Oh my goodness!!! What great news that one of my recipes is included in this year's cookbook!! It is truly an honor to be among so many talented cooks!!!! Many thanks!!
Nancy Allen - Nov 21, 2014
What a wonderful surprise! Thanks so much for including my skillet potato recipe in this book of yummy recipes! 8)
Jeanne Gliddon - Nov 21, 2014
Thank you so much for including my Recipe pg. 191 in this year's cookbook! I am so honored to have been chosen and could not be happier. Congrats to all the other fine cooks who were also selected!!
Gwen Sanche - Nov 21, 2014
How do we download to PDF ??? Says the link isn't valid!