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It's like a recipe swap with a billion friends... and they're all amazing cooks! Discover popular recipes, search the web for new ones, and save right from the app or from your browser. We promise you're going to find recipes that will make you wanna slap yo' mama and get to cooking right away!
Exclusive Google recipe search. Better search. Better recipes. Now, that's yummy!

Tired of looking through search results to find what you are looking for? With our exclusive Google recipe search, we've done the hard work for you! That's right sonny-jim, we've sifted through search results and are bringing you recipes from across the internet, the best of the best, and letting that other search junk fall to the kitchen floor. You're welcome.
Do you ever find yourself looking through countless recipe books, magazines and anywhere else you think you saw an amazing recipe, but can't find it? You know, that ONE recipe? Now that's a pickle if I've ever heard one.

With the Pinch It!™ Recipe Box, it's never been easier to save all your favorite recipes in one place — plus the Recipe Box is cloud-based, so you can access your recipes from any device, anywhere. All you have to do is remember your login, bless your heart.
Grandma's recipe box just got a facelift! The Pinch It!™ app allows you to easily sort your recipe box however your heart desires. Organize custom folders by meal, category, food type, season, color, diet or whatever floats your boat! Heck, have a folder labeled "recipes worth cheating on my diet." You do you honey! And then you can access your recipes in a snap. No more searching...they’re at your fingertips.
Have your own delicious recipes? Want to share them with the world? With the Pinch It!™ app you can. Effortlessly post your original recipes and share for fellow food lovers to see, save and obviously drool over. Not to mention, you can easily share any recipe directly from the app. Well butter your butt and call you a biscuit, this sounds like the app for you!

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