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The Kitchen Crew keeps the club running smoothly and looking pretty as a picture. From taste-testing recipes to creating snazzy designs and yummy food pics, there's nothing these savvy supergals can't pull off. They don't need capes... They wear aprons!

Recipes From the Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen has been putting our aprons to good use! Not only are we testing members' recipes, we've developed recipes that will be a tasty addition to your recipe box. Here are a few of our most recent recipes.

Croissant Breakfast Casserole

Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch
There are countless versions of breakfast casserole recipes out there. Our version is dressed up with...

Pumpkin Chess Pie

Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch
Chess pie is buttery, creamy, and has a distinct caramelized flavor. It has a custard consistency...

Homemade Fresh Pasta

Kitchen Crew @JustaPinch
The unique texture of fresh pasta elevates a basic pasta dinner. Fresh pasta becomes the star...

Honorary Crew

This group of Blue Ribbon-winning Just A Pinch Members, prepare and taste the many delicious recipes posted by YOU. They submit stand-out recipes to the Test Kitchen for a Blue Ribbon.

Learn how you can become an Honorary Kitchen Crew Member.

Lauren Conforti

Longtime member Lauren Conforti is our newest addition to the Honorary Kitchen Crew. Since 2010 Lauren has been sharing her own recipes along with cataloging family heirloom recipes to be saved for her kids and grandkids. In her free time, Lauren enjoys crocheting, American Sign Language, and working on house projects with her husband.  We can't wait to see what recipes Lauren shares next. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew!

Pamela Rappaport

When the newest Honorary Kitchen Crew member, Pamela Rappaport, isn't spending time with her husband and 4 dogs, she's cooking meals for everyone and sharing her recipes on Just A Pinch. The assortment of recipes Pamela has posted are very popular with members. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Pamela!

Darci Juris

Darci Juris of Scottsdale, AZ has been sharing her recipes with us since 2011 and we highly recommend you check them out. If you're looking to make a large number of breakfast sandwiches, Darci's Croissant Breakfast Sandwich recipe will hit the spot. She's also shared a blueberry coffee cake recipe that's really bang'n. Welcome to The Crew, Darci!

Julia Ferguson

Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Greenwood, IN native Julia Ferguson. A member since August 2011, Julia's comforting recipes have been very popular. Our taste buds can't wait to see what she shares next. Welcome, Julia!

Teresa G.

Tere Gill, welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew. We encourage you to check out Tere's recipes. From her house margarita for happy hour, asparagus omelet for brunch, her mac and cheese with nine types of cheese, to her Chocochip Gooey Treats for dessert, there is something for everyone.

Janet Crow

Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Janet! This Quinwood, WV loves cooking and baking Southern food, but is adventurous and will try anything. Cooking has always been a part of her life and she uses her knowledge and love of cooking to help others. Her Parmesan Baked Pork Chops recipe is one of the most popular on Just A Pinch!

Amy H.

Amy's love of cooking began when she was 12 years old and she feels like she's getting good at it. Based on the recipes Amy's been sharing since 2012, we'd say she's very good at it. Welcome this Michigan native to the Honorary Crew.

Vickie Parks

This married mother of four children loves to sew, crochet, read, travel, and, of course, cook. Her favorite cuisines are Caribbean, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese which is evident in the array of recipes she's shared. Welcome to The Crew Vickie!

Katrina Freed

This empty-nester loves to prepare tried and true old-fashioned food. Oh boy, has she shared some great recipes! Katrina resides in Deleware with her husband and three feline fur babies. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Katrina!

Robynne Glenn

Our newest Honorary Kitchen Crew member has been sharing her recipes with Just A Pinch since 2011, Robynne hails from Henderson, NV. Her sandwiches, soups, and amazing cupcakes have garnered her Blue Ribbons. Welcome, Robynne.

Jenny Powers

Jenny has lived and traveled all over the country which is evident in the recipes she's shared. Southern classics are her favorite and she has posted some delicious recipes. Welcome, Jenny!

Christine Schnepp

If you want a simple Crock Pot Pulled Pork recipe or a quick and easy Pepperoni Bread Roll take a look at Christine's Blue Ribbon recipes. We're thrilled to welcome Christine to the Honorary Crew.

Angela Gray

Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Angela! Her love of cooking grew while watching her Granny, Grandmother, and mother in the kitchen. She marveled at the food that came out. These women shared their knowledge with her and her love for cooking and baking continued to grow. We're thankful Angela's shared her favorites with us. 

Millie Johnson

Millie lives with her husband in northeastern Alabama where they raise chickens and dairy goats. She also loves to garden and uses its bounty to cook and can veggies for her family to enjoy. She takes pride in making things herself and we welcome her to The Crew.

Melissa Snow

Welcome to The Crew, Melissa! Melissa joined Just A Pinch in November 2010 and has been sharing her comforting recipes since. Her recipes are easy to make with readily available ingredients. We can't wait to see what Melissa shares next. Welcome!

Robyn Bruce

If you have an air fryer, check out Robyn's Blue Ribbon recipes. She's mastered delicious ones for the air fryer. Also, her Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing is a perennial Thanksgiving favorite. This Pennsylvania native has been a member since August 2010 and we're glad she joined. Welcome, Robyn.

Penny R

First sharing her recipes in 2010, Penny is a long-time member of Just A Pinch. From cakes to casseroles, Penny's recipes are comforting and delicious. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Penny!

Family Favorites

Welcome to The Crew! Family Favorites has been cooking for friends and family for more than 35 years. She loves to try new recipes and is always sharing a good home-cooked meal with anyone in need.