The Kitchen Crew

In Our Test Kitchen

The Kitchen Crew keeps the club running smoothly and looking pretty as a picture. From taste-testing recipes to creating snazzy designs and yummy food pics, there's nothing these savvy supergals can't pull off. They don't need capes... They wear aprons!

Recipes From the Test Kitchen

The Test Kitchen has been putting our aprons to good use! Not only are we testing members' recipes, we've developed recipes that will be a tasty addition to your recipe box. Here are a few of our most recent recipes.

Tartar Sauce Recipe

Tartar Sauce Recipe

By Kitchen Crew
If you've never made homemade tartar sauce, then you're missing out. Making tartar sauce only takes...
Egg-in-a-hole Recipe


By Kitchen Crew
You may have also heard this breakfast recipe referred to as an egg in the basket...
Sun-dried Tomato Basil Burger Sauce Recipe

Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Burger Sauce

By Kitchen Crew
Ketchup and mustard can get boring on a burger. This sauce has the tangy flavor of...

Honorary Crew

This group of Blue Ribbon-winning Just A Pinch Members, prepare and taste the many delicious recipes posted by YOU. They submit stand-out recipes to the Test Kitchen for a Blue Ribbon.

Learn how you can become an Honorary Kitchen Crew Member.

JoSele Swopes

This mom, grandma, great grandma and Colorado native has been sharing her recipes with Just A Pinch since 2010. From salads to sweets, JoSele has a recipe that will make everyone happy. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew JoSele!

Susan Bartley

Susan, our newest member of the Honorary Kitchen Crew, has been posting her recipes on Just A Pinch since April 2010. But, her cooking began years before when she was just a kid. As far back as home economics class in high school, this Oregon native began putting her spin on recipes. Susan loves to share her recipes with friends and we're grateful for that.

Bea L.

From cakes to casseroles and desserts, this North Carolina native has been sharing her delicious recipes with Just A Pinch since October 2010. Bea earned her 6th Blue Ribbon with her Sweet Potato Jack's recipe - a creative and yummy use of leftover sweet potato. Welcome to the Kitchen Crew Bea!

Juliann Esquivel

Juliann's Cuban and Spanish recipes have been tickling our taste buds since 2010. Of Mexican and Hungarian descent, she gained her love (and knowledge) for cooking from her grandparents. Next time you're throwing a fiesta, definitely add this Ohio native's recipes to your menu. Welcome to the crew Juliann!

Barbara Oseland

Barbara Oseland has been sharing her comforting recipes since 2011. Whether you're looking for something for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, this Minnesota native has fantastic recipes that your family will love. Please welcome Barabara to the crew.

Nor M.

This native New Englander loves fishing, car racing, floral designing, and food. Cooking and baking and is a passion of hers and Nor's been sharing her tasty recipes since 2012. When you get a moment, try one of her treats. You will not be disappointed. Welcome to the Kitchen Crew!

Colleen Sowa

Colleen Sowa is the newest member to join the Honorary Kitchen Crew. This grandmother of four is helping to raise her grandchildren and loves creating recipes with them. A La Crosse, WI native, Colleen has been a member since 2010. We've loved testing her recipes and how she encourages everyone to have fun in the kitchen. Welcome to the Crew!

Brenda Washnock

Brenda's not afraid of a little spice. Her Garam Masala Dark Chocolate Cupcakes will be spicing up the Dessert category at the 2016 World Food Championships. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Brenda!

John Barnes

Seafood is the name of John's culinary game! His Seared Cod with Cilantro Lime Rice has earned him a spot in the Honorary Kitchen Crew and at the 2016 World Food Championships competing in Seafood. Go John!

Amy Freeze

Amy will be heading to the World Food Championships to compete in Sandwich thanks to her flavorful Southern Gentleman's Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We can't wait to see what sandwich twist she creates at the WFC. Welcome to the team Amy!

Nancy A.

This mom of two boys has been cooking and baking since she was a little girl. Taught by her grandmother, she was encouraged to "cook what you love and love what you cook" and "never be afraid to try new things." Her Blueberry Brunch Cheesecake is delicious, unusual and earned her a spot at the 2016 World Food Championships.

Greg Buerger

Welcome to the Kitchen Crew Greg! Greg decided to enter his Peaches N’ Sour Cream Pound Cake Bread Pudding into the World Food Championships and now, he'll be proudly representing Just A Pinch in the Dessert category. Go Greg!

Shea Goldstein

This self-proclaimed Southern belle always has food on her mind. We're thrilled she shares her culinary creations with Just A Pinch. Shea's Sirloin and Pork Burger with Blue Cheese Slaw earned her a spot at the 2016 World Food Championships!

Andreann Geise

Welcome to the Kitchen Crew Andreanne! This Myrtle Beach, SC native is heading to the World Food Championships to compete in the Bacon category. If you haven't, check out her flavorful Bacon Shrimp & Tomato Salad on Garlic Bacon Toast.

Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal

A member since 2012, Lisa has been cooking and learning new recipes since she was 11. Her time in the kitchen has paid off and she's contributed 450 recipes to date. That's a lot of cooking! We're thrilled to welcome this proud mom and grandmother to the Kitchen Crew.

Andy Anderson !

Between working on a cookbook, running a catering business and a bunch of other things, this Wichita native finds time to share his delightful recipes and insights with other home cooks. A member since 2013, we're thrilled to welcome Andy to the Kitchen Crew!

Alex Callegari

Hailing from Miami Fl, this family man has definitely learned a thing or two in the kitchen of his firehouse! His Pasta and Pancetta and Pea's in a Gorgonzola Sauce won us over (seriously, that sauce!). He'll be competing in the Pasta category at the 2015 World Food Championships. Welcome Alex!


Cooking is Ann's passion and she loves sharing her passion with others. We couldn't be happier that she entered her Decadent Shrimp and Bacon Mac and Cheese for the 2015 World Food Championships. It earned her a spot in the Pasta category. Ann did so well, she's automatically heading back in 2016 to compete in the Breakfast category. Go Ann!