The Test Kitchen

Honorary Crew

This group of Blue Ribbon-winning Just A Pinch Members, prepare and taste the many delicious recipes posted by YOU. They submit stand-out recipes to the Test Kitchen for a Blue Ribbon.

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Sherri Williams

Sherri won big as Grand Prize winner in the Just A Pinch Grill & WIN contest! Her recipe for Smokin' Baby Got Back Ribs came out on tops for its outstanding flavor and sheer addictiveness. The same could be said for most every recipe Sherri creates - Her dishes are favorites in the Club and her passion for cooking continues to wow us on a daily basis.

Laura Davis

Comfort food is her specialty. From decadent cakes to savory main courses, Laura consistently warms heart and home with her thoughtful, creative recipes.

Debbie W

This Louisiana gal is a heckuva cook and baker! With a busy family life she still manages to find time to invent creative recipe ideas for us to enjoy.

Gail Herbest

Sporty Snack Showdown Contest Winner Gail Herbest is known for simple, quality recipes... great for the big game or a quiet night in!

Leah Stacey

This busy Tennessee mom of three spends her free time teaching cooking classes and passing along her love of traditional cooking. Oh, and she was also Grand Prize Winner in the Rise 'n' Shine Breakfast Challenge!

Gary Hancq

With a tenacity to match his cooking skills, Gary approaches every recipe with an open mind and a one-of-a-kind sense of humor. His Illinois roots show through in his hearty melting pot of recipes.

Missy Wimpelberg

With five hungry kids and a husband to feed, Missy approaches her time in the kitchen with energy and a sense of humor. It's those qualities that made her the winner of the Family Holiday Traditions recipe contest!

Leslie Holt

Winning recipes is the name of Leslie's game. She set out to wow us with her collection of hearty, accessible recipes and did just that!

Lynn Zak

Pittsburgh native Lynn Zak combines ethnic and regional favorites to create a classically inspired cooking style all her own.


Springtime Cake Contest champion Jane Louise has an obvious love for family and home. The care she brings to every dish shows through in every bite.

Jan Mullikin

Winner of the Just A Pinch Savory Soup Spectacular, this Kentucky teacher serves up a wonderful blend of down-home cooking and international flair.

Pam Martin-Allen

Traditional Southern recipes fill Pam's recipe box. Her love of regional favorites has won her Blue Ribbons... and a soft spot in the hearts of fellow Southerners.

Marie Guaragna

Marie's passion for food is undeniable! Her recipes are full of flavor AND personality. It's no wonder she came in tops in the Ultimate Salad Toss contest!

Cherie Hammond

With three growing kids and a hard-working husband, Cherie knows a thing or two about cooking for a crowd! Her beautiful food pics are just a taste of what each delicious recipe holds in store.

Shannon Smith

Two young children keep this Franklin, TN mom on the run! Her quick and easy meal ideas help save time without sparing an ounce of flavor.

Tonya Young

Tonya knows that quality ingredients are the secret to any great recipe. Her creative twists to traditional dishes make for exciting, family-friendly meal options.

Judy Sprague

Kentucky grandmother Judy Sprague knows that sometimes simple really is best. Her classic, pared-down recipes have earned her big Blue Ribbon praise from her fellow Club members and the Test Kitchen alike.