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Honorary Crew

This group of Blue Ribbon-winning Just A Pinch Members, prepare and taste the many delicious recipes posted by YOU. They submit stand-out recipes to the Test Kitchen for a Blue Ribbon.

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Melissa Baldan

This fiery home cook has a flare for fashion...and for fine eats! She heated things up in Las Vegas for the 2012 World Food Championships, wowing the crowd with her delicious (H)Eat It Up Chili! We can't wait to see how her Blackberry Apple Sandwich with a Kick turns out when she makes an appearance at the 2013 World Food Championships!

Greg Appel

This Maryland grill man won a spot in the 2012 World Food Championships for his amazing Spicy Chi Chi Ribs. Grill on, Greg!

Marybeth Mank

Marybeth shared her all-time favorite recipe from her mom, Swedish Meatballs, and took a well-deserved First Place in the Main Course category of the Just A Pinch Heirloom Recipe Contest! Clearly, good cooks run in the family.

Mary Shivers

By taking a creative spin on her mom's legendary Banana Cake recipe, Mary earned a First Place finish in the Dessert category of the Just A Pinch Heirloom Recipe Contest!

Mary R Morris

Mary paid homage to her grandmother with her wonderful recipe for Eggplant Pie with Italian Sausage and Bechamel. The recipe, First Place finisher in the Side Dish category of the Just A Pinch Heirloom Recipe Contest, is a true delight for the senses.

Jamie Burris

This bust super mom makes her home in Arkansas, but has deep European roots. Her family's Kugelis recipe showcases her love of tradition AND quality eats...and is the deserving winner of the Just A Pinch Heirloom Recipe Contest!

cindy sandberg

Cindy is a Blue Ribbon cook with a wide-range of culinary smarts. Her recipes range from super sweet to ultra savory... and every one we've tried has been 100% de-lish. Congratulations to Cindy and her Ginger Cream Molasses Sandwich Cookies - Runners-Up in the Just A Pinch Cookie Celebration!

Emily Glover

This Kansas gal clearly knows her way around the kitchen! Her honeymoon-inspired Island Cookie Bars had us swooning... and earned Emily a spot in the Honorary Crew and Runner-Up honors in the great Cookie Celebration!

Cassandra Nasr

Cassandra is responsible for one of the most addictive cookie recipes the Club has ever had the pleasure of trying: Chocolate Cherry Beauties! These sweet bites are just a taste of Cassandra's skills. As Runner-Up in the Just A Pinch Cookie Celebration, she earns a deserved spot on the Honorary Kitchen Crew AND a special place in our hearts.

Susan Feliciano

This colorful Tennessee cook has won many Blue RIbbons for her exceptional cooking. She most recently wowed the Club with her impressive recipe for Carrot Cookies with Mascarpone Frosting... Runner-Up in the great Just A Pinch Cookie Celebration!

Jackie Mento

Cookie Queen Jackie took top honors in the Just A Pinch Cookie Celebration contest with her delightful recipe for Hazies! She loves to get creative in the kitchen and encourages everyone to try new recipes and swap old favorites. She'll be making an appearance at the 2015 World Food Championships too. Her Smokin'Turkey Melt with Red Orange Marmalade earned her a spot and we can't wait to see what sandwiches she comes up with.

Melissa Sperka

This mom of two is as gregarious as she is talented! When she's not blogging, she can be found in the kitchen whipping up some of the most scrumptious recipes around. She is also the deserving winner of the Flour Power Baking Contest.

Bill Wentz

This is a man who knows his way around the kitchen! Proud husband and father to two boys, Bill is proud to do the bulk of the cooking for his clan. His recipes never disappoint... especially his signature chili which won first place in the 2011 Sporty Snack Showdown Chili Cook-Off!

Sherri Williams

Sherri won big as Grand Prize winner in the Just A Pinch Grill & WIN contest! Her recipe for Smokin' Baby Got Back Ribs came out on tops for its outstanding flavor and sheer addictiveness. The same could be said for most every recipe Sherri creates - Her dishes are favorites in the Club and her passion for cooking continues to wow us on a daily basis.

Laura Davis

Comfort food is her specialty. From decadent cakes to savory main courses, Laura consistently warms heart and home with her thoughtful, creative recipes.

Debbie W

This Louisiana gal is a heckuva cook and baker! With a busy family life she still manages to find time to invent creative recipe ideas for us to enjoy.

Gail Herbest

Sporty Snack Showdown Contest Winner Gail Herbest is known for simple, quality recipes... great for the big game or a quiet night in!

Leah Stacey

This busy Tennessee mom of three spends her free time teaching cooking classes and passing along her love of traditional cooking. Oh, and she was also Grand Prize Winner in the Rise 'n' Shine Breakfast Challenge!