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Honorary Crew

This group of Blue Ribbon-winning Just A Pinch Members, prepare and taste the many delicious recipes posted by YOU. They submit stand-out recipes to the Test Kitchen for a Blue Ribbon.

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Gail Welch

Gail, a Carthage, TX native, has been sharing her recipes with Just A Pinch since November 2010. She's received Blue Ribbons for appetizers, main courses, and desserts ... something for everyone.

Karla Everett

This Washington native began sharing her assortment of recipes with us in 2011. Since then, her comfort food recipes have become a favorite in the Test Kitchen. We're happy to welcome Karla to the Honorary Kitchen Crew.

Mikekey *

Our newest Honorary Kitchen Crew member Mike has been cooking since grade school. He learned a lot of what he knows by being in the kitchen with this grandmother. Soups are what he thinks he makes best and learned how to make them from his dad. We can't wait to see what recipe Mike shares next. Welcome to The Crew!

Jenni K

Hailing from Carlton, MN, Jenni has been sharing her love of recipes with Just A Pinch since 2010. From sweet to savory, Jenni has a recipe that will please everyone. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Jenni!

Robin Lieneke

Robin has been cooking since she was a little girl. She turned that cooking passion into a small cake and catering company. She loves experimenting in the kitchen... and we love the recipes she comes up with. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Robin!

Nancy Allen

Welcome to the Crew Nancy! This Missouri resident has been wowing us with her recipes since 2011. From breakfast to dessert, Nancy's recipes are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

Jennifer Bass

Jennifer's a well seasoned home cook that's been sharing her recipes since February 2011. This Kentucky resident loves to create recipes for her family. We're happy she shares them with us. Her Fried Cheese put her into the Honorary Test Kitchen and it's a recipe everyone should Pinch. Welcome Jennifer!

Cathy Smith

Cathy grew up in Texas but makes Alabama her home now. This self-taught home cook has been sharing her love of cooking with Just A Pinch since December 2012. Cathy continues to learn daily and we love the recipes she creates. Welcome Cathy!

Peggi Anne Tebben

Since January 2010, we've been blessed with this Texas natives recipes. For years she cooked at restaurants. Now, she shares her "insider knowledge" with Just A Pinch and we're sure happy she does. Welcome to The Crew Peggi Anne!

jamie Beecham

This North Carolina resident loves to host parties and dinners. She loves to make special dishes for her family and friends and put a spin on old recipes. An avid gardener, she also enjoys cooking with ingredients she grows in her garden. Since 2011, Jamie has shared the recipes she's created which make everyone's taste buds happy. Welcome Jamie!

Rose Mary Mogan

Born in Illinois but raised in Arkansas, Rose Mary was taught cooking from her mom. Everything was from scratch and nothing went to waste. She continues to follow that cooking belief today. Her husband and daughter are the inspiration behind the fantastic recipes she's been posting since 2011. Can't wait to see what's next. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew Rose Mary!

Monika Rosales

Cooking is a passion for Monika Rosales. This Florida resident has been cooking for 30+ years and loves it. She loves to create simple, tasty recipes in her kitchen and we've become a big fan of what she creates. Welcome Monika!

JoSele Swopes

This mom, grandma, great grandma and Colorado native has been sharing her recipes with Just A Pinch since 2010. From salads to sweets, JoSele has a recipe that will make everyone happy. Welcome to the Honorary Kitchen Crew JoSele!

Susan Bartley

Susan, our newest member of the Honorary Kitchen Crew, has been posting her recipes on Just A Pinch since April 2010. But, her cooking began years before when she was just a kid. As far back as home economics class in high school, this Oregon native began putting her spin on recipes. Susan loves to share her recipes with friends and we're grateful for that.

Bea L.

From cakes to casseroles and desserts, this North Carolina native has been sharing her delicious recipes with Just A Pinch since October 2010. Bea earned her 6th Blue Ribbon with her Sweet Potato Jack's recipe - a creative and yummy use of leftover sweet potato. Welcome to the Kitchen Crew Bea!

Juliann Esquivel

Juliann's Cuban and Spanish recipes have been tickling our taste buds since 2010. Of Mexican and Hungarian descent, she gained her love (and knowledge) for cooking from her grandparents. Next time you're throwing a fiesta, definitely add this Ohio native's recipes to your menu. Welcome to the crew Juliann!

Barbara Kavorkian

Barbara Oseland has been sharing her comforting recipes since 2011. Whether you're looking for something for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, this Minnesota native has fantastic recipes that your family will love. Please welcome Barabara to the crew.

Nor Mac

This native New Englander loves fishing, car racing, floral designing, and food. Cooking and baking and is a passion of hers and Nor's been sharing her tasty recipes since 2012. When you get a moment, try one of her treats. You will not be disappointed. Welcome to the Kitchen Crew!