Members' Choice Vol.1 Best of 2011

Members' Choice Vol.1 Best of 2011

Each of the recipes included in this collectible cookbook have been voted "2011 Members' Choice" favorites by members of the Just A Pinch Recipes... a tasty honor indeed. With 100 recipes, 89 featured home cooks and 9 delicious chapters, this cookbook is jam-packed with heirloom quality eats!

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Peggi Anne Tebben - Sep 23, 2013
I don't see the vote button on the recipe anymore.
Cinna Bun - Sep 22, 2013
How do you vote on a recipe for the next book? I'm new to this just a pinch but I'm loving all the recipes and the cooks.
Patty Ward - Dec 13, 2012
Wow! I just looked at the new Members Cookbook for 2012! Congratulations to all the JAP members chosen to me in it! I will have to buy this of course.... because I have a recipe chosen as well! Yay to all of us!!
Jewel Hall - Oct 11, 2012
a book to heavy to pick up.
Jewel Hall - Oct 11, 2012
There are so MANY FANTASTIC COOKS who are members of JAP it would take a hope you all are like myself, I'm not going anywhere and everyday the amazing recipes continue to flow. I read them like a novel. I have collected many that did not make "The Book" but don't let that dim your view. A seasoned cook such as myself have a sharp eye for a good recipe and I read many and Pinch a lot along the way. THANKS TO ALL YOU WONDERFUL COOKS ! You entertain me !!
Barbra Krystyna MICHNOWSKI - Oct 11, 2012
WOW I just had a peek inside CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL JUST A PINCH MEMBERS who had their recipes published What a great way to have some of the best recipes published in this way and what I am sure will become a MUST HAVE for Christmas wishlist
Phyllis Lively - Oct 10, 2012
great recipes from great cooks!
I'm simply amazed that Man Catching Fried Chicken and Chocolate Disgust and Dan's Favorite Irish Soda Bread plus some others I can vouch for didn't make it in the Member's Choice Cookbook....... maybe next time.
Congratulations to all the great Just A Pinch Cooks & their recipes that are deservedly honored in this recipe collection!
Jewel Hall - Oct 6, 2012
What a lovely cook book I am sending one to my neice in Key West for her birthday !!
Peggi Anne Tebben - Jun 22, 2012
I don't remember mine being that high . I will check my records later on it.
hazel dorman - Jun 21, 2012
Why is shipping so high? Almost $18.00 I am an online shopper, and I have never paid anything like this for S&H, and I have ordered a lot of cook books too.
Peggi Anne Tebben - Jun 21, 2012
Thanks Marla!
Maria * - Jun 21, 2012
Great cookbook. Congratulations to you all.
Aurora McBee - Jun 8, 2012
Hazel, at the top of the page click "Add to Cart"
hazel dorman - Jun 8, 2012
I love this cookbook,and I want to order it, but somehow I can't. Would you please help me to get this book. Thanks!
Karen Fritts - May 31, 2012
Cookbook looks wonderful but $34.95 ia pricey. Most cookbooks gave 100 recipes or more.