Members' Choice Vol.2 Best of 2012

Members' Choice Vol.2 Best of 2012

Each of the recipes included in this collectible cookbook have been voted "2012 Members' Choice" favorites by members of the Just A Pinch Recipes... a tasty honor indeed. With 100 recipes, 80 featured home cooks and 7 delicious chapters, this cookbook is jam-packed with heirloom quality eats!

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Jane Elsbeth - Oct 10, 2013
Congratulations to all of you great cooks for your recipes, and for being featured in this great book !!!!

I think I need this book!

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patricia bravo - Aug 27, 2013
just viewed this awesome cookbook. alot of wonderful reciepes placed in this book. "BRAVO" to all cooks that were featured.
Bonnie ^O^ . - Aug 19, 2013
As usual, I am late to the party! :) Just wanted to add my congratulations to all who are in this 2012 Member's Choice Cookbook. Kitchen Crew, thank you so much for including my four recipes for:

Dilled Pot Roast -- Bonnie's
Chicken Pot Pie in a Skillet -- Bonnie's
Chocolate Marshmallow Log -- Bonnie's
Chocolate Covered Cherries My Way -- Bonnie's
Janet VanWinkle - Jul 27, 2013
Looks great want to get a little pricey will have to wait.
Rose Selvar - Jul 17, 2013
P 123 Oreo Cookie Fudge Bundt Cake...How did I miss this one too? Looks fantastic.
Rose Selvar - Jul 17, 2013
P 113 Deep Dark Chocolate....Looks really chocolaty.... Must have missed this the last time I went through this cookbook. 7/17/13
Robin Olson - Jul 17, 2013
I would love to buy it but its a bit pricey for me.
Trina Murray - May 16, 2013
I have tons of cookbooks. However, this is one I will have to buy! Such unique recipes and love the pictures!
Leigh Culver - Jan 30, 2013
Congrats to you all. This has been a great site. Just love all the sharing!!
Annette W. - Jan 1, 2013
Thanks Rachel! Happy New Year to you! Glad you are here too! ((Hugs back))
Rachel Aguilar Goundie - Dec 31, 2012
Congrats to all the cooks and bakers. Have a wonderful new year to come & glad that you all are in JAP! ((( HUGS)))
Cheryl Green - Dec 19, 2012
Annette, you are welcome! Nice to see you also!
Annette W. - Dec 19, 2012
Thanks Cheryl. Good to see you!
Cheryl Green - Dec 18, 2012
Congratulations to everyone that was featured in the 2012 cookbook! I voted every time I made one of your delicious recipes! Gotta have a look at the book!!
Elaine Manor - Dec 16, 2012
I have tried several recipes and they have all been delicious!