From Angie's Kitchen ~♥~

From Angie's Kitchen ~♥~
Created October 2015 (Second Edition)

Angie Robinson
By Angie Robinson @angieact1
This Book was Lovingly Compiled by
♥ Angie Robinson ♥
For My Daughter Shayna, Our family and friends ♥
This is for Shayna- to keep on handing down and teaching the recipes I created, or ones the family passed on to me by memory.
Thank you Mom and my grandmas!! ♥~Angie

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Angie Robinson - over a year ago
I sold out my 1st order of 10, of my 2nd Edition cookbook...have about 5 requests for more now. I am going to make edition #3 and add my new Blue Ribbon! :)
Angie Robinson - over a year ago
I hope this cookbook will be enjoyed by many. I found it challenging, and very fun putting my 2nd cook book, because I can only have 50 recipes and wanted to add many more!