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NIKKI SMITH - Mar 21, 2013
Thanks sweetie for adding me to your wonderful book.. I am going to be getting this book soon. My man and I both love corn anything.. :)
Lillian Stryczek - Feb 16, 2012
Thanks for including my recipe!
Wow, all about corn.
Stormy Stewart - Feb 13, 2012
Thanks Kim and Karla. It is one of the few veggies Terra can get Jon to eat. We was brought up in a veggie free home
Karla Everett - Feb 12, 2012
Stormy , this is a great idea for a cookbook. You found some really nice corn recipes. :D
Kim Biegacki - Feb 12, 2012
Ok, that's not even right; this one made me so hungry. I have to get busy and make those cuban tamales and the corn chowders in here ALL look so good! Oh, and corn fritters never made them but I want to now!!! LOL...I just was telling my husband about a corn salad I want to make that sounds so good. I will for sure have to post it now if it turns out good that is. This is a great cookbook!!! You are on a roll today! hehe Oh, thanks for including my St. Patty's popcorn too.