Recipes For A Healthier                 Me & You

Recipes For A Healthier Me & You
Created March 2012

Norma DeRemer
By Norma DeRemer @PApride
Lovingly Compiled by Norma DeRemer [PApride]Just had gullbladder surgery and know it is time to think of making more nutritiant and healthy dishes. I'm also in a need to loose some weight also. Came up with some good recipes that I wish and hope works for you also.Just check with your Doctor first before changing your diet and the way you cook. Can have regular recipes, just learn to eat smaller portions and drink a lot of water.

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Norma DeRemer - Mar 16, 2012
Sorry to hear that Stormy, but it is nothing to worry about. I usually have trouble with surgeries and this one was as easy as can be and I'm doing fine. She will be a little sore for about a week or two but then back to her self again soon. Let me know how she does. I'm not loosing my weight very fast yet, I guess my thyroid is still helping keep it on. But will wait and see. Hugs my friend.
Stormy Stewart - Mar 16, 2012
My daughter is about to get that same surgery
Gail Welch - Mar 9, 2012
Hugs right back, Norma. (((Hugs)))
Norma DeRemer - Mar 9, 2012
Gail, glad to hear yours went well also. Have a good day my friend. (((Hugs)))
Gail Welch - Mar 8, 2012
That's great! It's been several years since mine was removed.
Norma DeRemer - Mar 8, 2012
Thanks Gail. Had my surgery almost 2 weeks ago. All is fine. That is why I came up with this idea of my new cook book.
Norma DeRemer - Mar 8, 2012
Thanks Karla.
Gail Welch - Mar 8, 2012
Beautiful cookbook, Norma. I hope you do well after your surgery.
Karla Everett - Mar 8, 2012
Norma , great book and I just love the cover...nice!! :D