Sweet Breads, Muffins & Bread Puddings

Sweet Breads, Muffins & Bread Puddings
Created January 2014

Cassie *
By Cassie * @1lovetocook1x
Lovingly Compiled by
Cassie - [1lovetocook1x]

What a delicious array of Sweet Breads, Muffins & Bread Puddings

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Janet Scott - Feb 15, 2014
I'm a tad late for saying thank you for including me....so sorry. HUG hugs and thank you so much for making me a part of your books. :)
P B - Jan 11, 2014
LOl Big Hugs ;o)
Cassie * - Jan 10, 2014
You're so welcome Paula...I'm making that bread as soon as I get some nanners...you're crazy girl...lol! Love ya!!
P B - Jan 10, 2014
Just seen this Cass THANK YOU!!!!.... for including My Banana Nut Bread Recipe :))))))))))) I'm going to have to evaluate my finances??.. Wait do I Really need to Pay Bill's Or Buy Cook Books??..Hmmm?? JK!!! ;D You are just on a Roll!!!! Thanks again for thinking of me ;o}
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 9, 2014
Thank you for including my Old Fashioned Cinnamon Toast recipe in your fabulous new cookbook Cassie! The cinnamon toast is so easy and yummy and I hope people will try it. Thanks again!
Ellen Bales - Jan 9, 2014
I love bread! Especially the easy (no yeast) kind. Thanks so much for including two of my bread recipes, Cass.