Favorite Recipes

Favorite Recipes
Created January 2012

Carol Junkins
By Carol Junkins @CarolAJ
Lovingly Compiled by
Carol Junkins [CarolAJ]
These are some of my most used recipes.

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Sharon Rimmer - Feb 4, 2012
Yes and I hope to do one this year. Only thing I need to cook whatever I plan to add to the book and make a picture of it to post. I am excited about this after seeing your book and reading your comment about your daughter. Family and "Cooking" very special to me.
Carol Junkins - Feb 2, 2012
Thank you Sharon, I made two for her for Christmas and she said that was the best gift she could ever get ! I put her centerpiece used at her wedding on the cover, she was married a year and a half ago, now with a new baby coming, she will have more time to cook with her leave of absence from work. We are so lucky to be able to do this on JAP!
Sharon Rimmer - Feb 2, 2012
Carol, I think that is the most precious gift your daughter could receive from you. I hope to start working on one soon.
Carol Junkins - Feb 2, 2012
Thank you Sharon very much ! Thank you Melissa, you sure have alot of great recipes as well!
Lisa Johnson - Feb 2, 2012
Carol, it is a awesome book! I love it. You did a great job.
Carol Junkins - Feb 1, 2012
Thank you Sharon, just got the book delivered yesterday for my daughter. It is a special thing to do for your kids once they are married, and she is also expecting a baby this year !
Sharon Rimmer - Jan 31, 2012
Loved your cookbook.
Carol Junkins - Jan 20, 2012
Wow thanks Karla and Leila ! Ready to order for ~ guess what? my daughter's B'day is coming at the end of Feb. ~ she was so happy to get my first two books, well she will have another one now, haha.
Leila Rockwell - Jan 20, 2012
Carol what a great cook book and I love it because it was all of your recipes and some very tasty looking ones to. Great job.
Karla Everett - Jan 19, 2012
Carol , you have some great comfort food recipes here ..great book!! :D