Good Book Cook Book II

Good Book Cook Book II
Created August 2012

Marsha Gardner
By Marsha Gardner @mrdick1950
Lovingly Compiled by
Marsha Gardner [mrdick1950]
with her family's favorites.

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Marsha Gardner - over a year ago
A year ago I had blonde hair to my waist and my teeth were in pretty good shape. I had a serious car wreck (from which I am still recovering from)in July 20012. I have been in bed for over a year, not full time now, but the hair was an issue so I shaved my hair for a fundraiser. We raised over $7000.00 to help 3 local families that are struggling with cancer. The meds I have been on have just ruined my teeth. I have had to have several pulled. I think the ugly color is the worst.

I fractured my hip and pelvis. After 3 days and my white blood count went down, it was discovered that I had lacerated my spleen. I had to have three units of blood. I was transferred to a local nursing home for 3 weeks of therapy. Came home with home health and home therapy. After about 2 weeks I felt real sick, my therapist sent me to the local hospital. I had a severe urinary tract infection and it was discovered that I had a blood clot in my left. Spent another week in the hospital on antibiotics intervenously. They then transferred me to the third hospital in my saga. I had a vena cava filter inserted to keep the clot from moving to the heart, brain or lung. I was not able to take an anti-coagulation drug at the time because I of my spleen. They didn't want me to bleed out.

Went home again for a month or so and did okay. Went back for a follow up sonogram and they found that I had 14 blood clots in my left leg. Back to the hospital. By this time my spleen was stablized (November), so I started on Coumadin. I finally got a good report about a month ago that there was some improvement with the clots. It has been a long year. I am supposed to keep my leg elevated as much as possible. I am still having a very difficult time walking. It hurts so badly. I have arthritis in my hip and the orthopedic doctor says to get rid of the pain I need a hip replacement. Of course they won't touch me until the blood clots are gone or considered chronic. So goes my life. If I didn't have a computer, my nook and a sewing machine I would be a crazy lady for sure.

I get out into the kitchen about 3 times a week and cook, have had to make changes in things to adapt to the wheelchair, but I feel more in control when I am able to cook. My husband has had to take over almost all of the home responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. and I bless him for that, but I feel like my identity has been stolen from and I want it back. Hence, I don't like the picture which represents so much that is painful in my life right now.

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Nancy J. Patrykus - over a year ago
Marsha Gardner - over a year ago
Thanks, I really don't like my picture tho.
Nancy J. Patrykus - over a year ago
This should be called ""MARSHAS WONDERFUL COOKBOOK.".
All recipes are wonderful
YOUR picture on the cover wodda been nice,,...REALLY!!
I pinche 4 recipes right away.........and that Pineapple Cheese a beautiful delish presentatation........
WELL DONE.........Hugs, nancy..........831/12