Created July 2012

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin

There are so many
delicious pancake recipes..
So now.
"what to have for breakfast"
is solved.

Here are a few really great
ones for you to try!


Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Joyce Patrykus [Finnjin]

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Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 30, 2012
have fun ..my dear friend....Love it...Nancy
Kim Biegacki - Jul 30, 2012
Nancy, I can't wait to sit down and look through this one again with my youngest nephew Noah who LOVES pancakes. I wonder which one he will pick out of the bunch for me to make him? So looking forward to it! Thanks for including my recipe too.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 25, 2012
She is having a baby while I am gone.!!!
So it will work out real nice.for both of us!!
Even my tomatoes will be ripe!!!.....LOL
Carol Junkins - Jul 25, 2012
What a wonderful thing for you to do Nancy, and your house is protected while your away as well. ! Nice.
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 25, 2012
It was so much fun..........
making them all.catching up...
as I will be on vacation soon.....The neighbors will stay at my house...
I hav air and cable T.V.
They don't.
So it will be like a vacation for them also!!
Carol Junkins - Jul 25, 2012
Just this one so far Nancy I am working on seeing them all though !
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 25, 2012
When I am out ..I like I-HOP pancakes.with the various syrups!!!
Good to hear from you Carol... .
I will have to try your Cranverry Walnut Pancakes.
Did you check out all 6 of my BREAKFAST COOKBOOKS ??
I posted them all today!!!!
Hugs, Nancy
Carol Junkins - Jul 25, 2012
Thanks Nancy for adding my cranberry` walnut pancakes, guess what I still order them out for breakfast whenever I can, just love em!!!! haha ;)
Nancy J. Patrykus - Jul 25, 2012
THank you for your comment.
This makes it so easy to find just the one you miht like.
and remember there are so mamy more...
Makes me happy that you are love pancakes.......Hugs, Nancy

Ultimate Pancakes using Bisquick
Julia Ferguson - Jul 25, 2012
Nancy, I absolutely love pancakes. This cookbook is a treasure trove of pancake recipes, who knew there were so many. Thanks for using my recipe, I loved the book.