Gluten Free Choices

Gluten Free Choices
Created July 2012

Penny Hall
By Penny Hall @FantasyFaery54
Lovingly Compiled by
Penny Hall [FantasyFaery54]
I have several people I know with Celiac disease, and whenever there are JAP recipes for Gluten Free, I make books.

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Jimmye Partlow - Jul 9, 2012
Thank You! I will be trying this soon.
Penny Hall - Jul 8, 2012
Jimmye, I just posted a gluten free recipe for Tortillas! It's called Glute Free Tortillas
Penny Hall - Jul 8, 2012
There might be one here on JAP, but Almond Flour seems to be a great alternative.
Jimmye Partlow - Jul 8, 2012
My daughter-in-law has to have gluten free, since they will be visit in Aug. I am going to try some of these out before hand.. Does anyone have a gluten free homemade tortilla recipe...
cindy sandberg - Jul 7, 2012
GREAT book! Thanks for including my recipes!!