Timeless Casseroles

Timeless Casseroles
Created December 2011

Penny Hall
By Penny Hall @FantasyFaery54
Lovingly Compiled by
Penny Hall [FantasyFaery54]
A JAP collection of wonderful casseroles all in one book.

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Penny Hall - Jan 7, 2012
You are welcome Gloria!
Gloria Gasperson - Jan 6, 2012
oops sorry Penny typed to fast as usual... :0)
Gloria Gasperson - Jan 6, 2012
Great book Peny!! Thanks for including my recipe !! :0)
Penny Hall - Dec 6, 2011
Your all welcome, and if you are a upgraded member, you can download any cookbook for free.
Colleen Sowa - Dec 6, 2011
Great book Penny! Thanks for including my recipe! xo
Didi Dalaba - Dec 5, 2011
What a great book, love all the recipes Penny!! Thank you so much for including my recipe!!
Dee Garner - Dec 5, 2011
Thank you for including my broccoli and rice casserole recipe. I wish I'd added a picture, though. I hope to be able to buy the book soon
Terri DeFreze - Dec 5, 2011
Thank you Penny for including my recipe.
Jeanne Benavidez - Dec 4, 2011
Thanks, Penny, for including my pork chop casserole in this collection. This is a great book. ;)
Penny Hall - Dec 4, 2011
Thanks Sally, glad you like it!
sally ebeling - Dec 4, 2011
This is a delightful and well planned collection of casserole recipes and I love the cover! Great for gifts
Penny Hall - Dec 4, 2011
Merry Christmas to you Bonnie, and the best of New Year!
Bonnie ^O^ - Dec 4, 2011
Thank you, Penny, Merry Christmas, and have a great New Year.
Penny Hall - Dec 4, 2011
Your welcome Bonnie, you have great recipes!
Bonnie ^O^ - Dec 4, 2011
Thanks for including my recipe, Penny!

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

*** Mom's Eggplant Casserole *** 7-Layer Casserole Adobe Chicken-Annette's Amish Six Layer Dinner ASPARAGUS CASSEROLE Aunt Sue's Sweet Potato Casserole Baked Angel Hair Pasta Casserole Baked Mashed Potato Casserole Baked Tuna Noodle Casserole Bratwurst and Tater Tot Casserole Brocolli And Rice Casserole Campbells Soup Chicken Rice Casserole with onion soup Casserole Waltz Chicken on Rice Casserole CRAB ARTICHOKE CASSEROLE Crockpot Cranberry Chicken Dads Sausage Almond Casserole Deviled Egg Casserole Drema's Sweet Potato Casserole Easy Peasy Cheesey Rice with Broccoli Economical Country Casserole Fried potato and onion casserole German Potato Casserole Great Uncle Archie's Oyster Casserole Green Chile Chicken Casserole Ham and Scallop Potato Casserole Jan's Turkey & Stuffing Casserole Joanna's Vegetarian Cornbread Casserole Kids Casserole Left Over Green Bean Casserole Lena's Loaded Pierogi Casserole New Year's Day Casserole with Cornbread Topping One Potatoe Two Potatoe Three Potatoe TaterTot Pie Peggi's Layered Venison Casserole Pheasant Wild Rice Casserole Pork Chop and Potato Casserole RAM NOODLA, GERMAN DISH Rice a Roni Chicken Casserole by freda Rice Crust for casseroles! Saturday Special-dried beef casserole SAVORY STUFFING CASSEROLE Slow Cooker Western Egg Casserole Sweet Potato Pumpkin Casserole Taco Casserole Tator tot Casserole Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole Tomato Bread Casserole/lasagna White Corn Casserole Yankee-Doodle Casserole Zucchini Casserole