Sweet Fudge

Sweet Fudge
Created November 2013

Nancy Allen
By Nancy Allen @mawmawnan
Lovingly Compiled by
Nancy Allen - Homemade fudge is so fun to make and eat, and here are some recipes for a variety of fudge candies from the JAP archives!

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Nancy Allen - Nov 30, 2013
Hi Rose, I'm so glad you liked the fudge book. I also love fudge and there were so many to choose from on JAP. Your 3 fudge does sound easy and delicious. Thanks for posting it! 8) The Reese's fudge sounds awesome too!
Nancy Allen - Nov 30, 2013
Hi Sheila, What a wonderful fudge recipe! Thanks for posting your reese's fudge recipe I can't wait to try it!
Rose Selvar - Nov 29, 2013
Nancy Allen,
What a wonderful cookbook. I love fudge. Even though my fudge recipe is so simple and delicious I love trying other fudge recipes. This is the perfect cookbook to do that. I was blown away by that FIRST fudge recipe on page 5 Reese's Fudge...as my favorite candy bar is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. That recipe looks FANTASTIC!! I will definitely be trying that one! Now back to check out the rest of your cookbook! Oh and thanks for including my fudge recipe in your cookbook! 11/29/13
Sheila M - Nov 29, 2013
Nancy, Great selection of fudge recipes! Thanks for including mine. Hope you had a great holiday!
Nancy Allen - Nov 29, 2013
Thank You Kathy, This is such a great way to try new fudge recipes! There are so many great recipes for fudge on JAP. Hope you found a recipe to try! 8)
Kathy W - Nov 29, 2013
What a great cookbook! Just in time for Christmas!