Chicken Anyone?

Chicken Anyone?
Created December 2012

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales @Starwriter
Lovingly Compiled by
Ellen Bales [Starwriter]
This cookbook is dedicated to that noble bird--the chicken. Without the chicken, what would we have for Sunday dinner, and where would we get our Easter eggs? And think of all the popular phrases we would lose, like "A chicken in every pot" or "hen party." And let's not forget "Why'd the chicken cross the road?"
So let us celebrate the chicken with these recipes. Oh, and be sure to make a wish on the wishbone!

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Susan Feliciano - Dec 5, 2012
Great idea for a cookbook, Ellen. Just think, if we didn't have chicken and dumplins, or fancy chicken salad for wedding receptions - this wouldn't be America! Thanks for including my recipe.
Ellen Bales - Dec 4, 2012
Oh, that sounds wonderful--I LOVE green olives. I could sit and eat a whole jar of them! I have some leftover olive pieces from when I made my olive spread, so I think I'll try it that way. Thank you!
Sandy Young - Dec 4, 2012
Are you kidding? I'd love to do another one, but it takes forever for me to get the recipes in. I love the egg recipes that you've posted. Would you believe that our favorite egg salad is just chopped or grated boiled eggs, as many chopped green olives that we want, and lots of mayo? Very simple and ever so good! Maybe I'll put it in my recipes. Jackson can eat a ton of it!
Ellen Bales - Dec 4, 2012
Sandy, I'm glad you like the cookbook. When are we going to see your next one?
Ellen Bales - Dec 4, 2012
Thank you, ladies, for the kind words about my new cookbook. Kim, Sue, and Leila--it wouldn't be complete without your wonderful recipes!

Sue, that's what I've tried to do with many of my mother and mother-in-law's recipes, to carry on the tradition. I hope that at least one of my granddaughters will do the same when I'm gone.
Kim Biegacki - Dec 4, 2012
Ellen, what a wonderful selection of chicken recipes. I have to go back and look again as there are a few I want to save too. Thanks for including one of my recipes into your cookbook.
Susan Cutler - Dec 3, 2012
I didn't know you were making a cookbook...I love it...and thank you SO much for adding my recipe...My mother-in-law made it all the time and I took the honor over and made it for my family. You have such a wit about you and very cleverly make a wonderful point. Again Thank you! You are so sweet....

Sandy Young - Dec 3, 2012
These recipes look wonderful, Ellen! I love chicken and will be trying lots of your recipes . . .
Leila Rockwell - Dec 3, 2012
Great cookbook Ellen and lots of great recipes. Thank you for including my hot chicken salad. I love all the chicken recipes and hope to make some of them.
Ellen Bales - Dec 3, 2012
Thank you, Adriana, and I was happy to include your yummy recipe!
Adriana Torres - Dec 3, 2012
WoW! This is fantastic! Thank you for including my Chicken and Waffles recipe! The cookbook looks great. Nice job!