Pizza, Pizza

Pizza, Pizza
Created April 2012 (Second Edition)

Kimi Gaines
By Kimi Gaines @kimijo
Who doesn't love pizza??? Pizza is a staple in the USA. So many variations and sizes. I love to watch the Food Channel and see all the different Pizza Parlors. Take a journey with me now!!
Kimi Gaines [kimijo]

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Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin - over a year ago
Thanks, Kimi. xoxo
Kimi Gaines - over a year ago
you're welcome!!
Norma DeRemer - over a year ago
Great book and thanks for including one of my recipes in it.
Kimi Gaines - over a year ago
I hope you do...When I make mine I always purchase my dough from our grocery store. It is amazing! It cost $2.59 per bag, already made. Sometimes they have them bogo. You can ask them to get them from their freezer. So easy and a great pizza dough!!
Sue Adame - over a year ago
WOW I did not know that there were that many delicious sounding pizzas on here. Thanks for combining them in a great book. Also thank you for adding my recipe as well. Guess we are going to have to a pizza night this weekend!