Bread Recipes

Bread Recipes
Created October 2011 (Second Edition)

Karla Everett
By Karla Everett @Karla59
Delicious bread recipes from some of the best bakers on Just A Pinch.

Lovingly Compiled by
Karla Everett

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Karla Everett - Oct 26, 2011
Sandy Thank you and you are very welcome I'm glad you found it , there are so many delicious recipes on here that everyone has posted , ya just want them all. :D
Sandy Griffin - Oct 26, 2011
Wow Karla you have so many great cookbooks it is amazing. I was looking for some sourdough recipes and found your bread cookbook so great. Thank you for taking the time to make all these cookbooks for us.
Karla Everett - Oct 13, 2011
Thanks , thats good can't wait to check yours out too. :-)
SK H - Oct 13, 2011
Wow this is really a nice cookbook and you prompted me to make one myself. Thanks for including me.
Lillian Russo - Oct 12, 2011
Thank you again for adding my recipe to your cookbook! =)
Karla Everett - Oct 11, 2011
Thank you and your welcome :D
BETH HART - Oct 11, 2011
What a nice collection! Thanks so much for including my recipe. I know I found lots in here that make ME want to bake up a nice loaf :)
Carol Junkins - Oct 10, 2011
Tks Karla, how nice of you ! Another great cookbook !
Betty Graves - Oct 8, 2011
Thanks Karla, I posted this to Facebook. Hope you don't mind. Thanks
Colleen Sowa - Oct 7, 2011
Thank you so much Karla... !!!!