My Summer at The Galley 2018

My Summer at The Galley 2018
Created September 2018

Beth M.
By Beth M. @BakinTime
From Mid-May 2012 through Columbus Day in Oct.2018 I have had an opportunity to work with amazing owners and management of The Galley, on the island of M.V.
This is a collection of my own favorite family and friends' recipes that I love.
This little cookbook is dedicated in memory of my mom Meredith and aunt Virginia, my dad Bob, and my three brothers, Bob, Phil and Tom. All of them enjoyed cooking and or baking.
My employers have inspired me to continue to work through the coming years, until I no longer am able. Thank You All: Barb,Merrily,Frank, The Fenners (2012-2017); Tony Saccoccia and Jack O'Malley (2018); and Pat Z., Paul J.-M.; Grace; Jack,Jr.; Ryan; Sean;Olivia; Debbie; Joanne; and the others who helped.
Beth M. [BakinTime]

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Maggie M - Oct 1, 2018
Beth .. try contacting the Kitchen Crew .. you can send them an email by clicking down at the bottom of this page .. click on "report a technical issue". Explain what you are trying to do and what happens. They always respond .. it won't be until tomorrow but you will get a response.
Beth M. - Oct 1, 2018
I have tried to order a few copies to give to friends as gifts, but I had difficulty doing so. They are not printed in this country apparently, and so I received a pop-up message about "they are not able to process on a credit card internationally, so to contact _______!" I also want to know what the size the cookbook is in "inches" not cm.
Maggie M - Oct 1, 2018
Nice collection Beth !
Andy Anderson ! - Oct 1, 2018
What a wonderful collection :-)

51 Recipes in this Cookbook:

ALL GOOD FOR ME - BREAKFAST SANDWICH Apple Tapioca (MOM'S SECRET RECIPE) Asparagus on toast Bacon & Peanut Butter BACON The Favorite Breakfast Meat Baked Apple & Cranberries With Dumplings Banana Nut Bread and Apple Muffins from "A.J. Whole Wheat Pancake Mix" Bean Salad -Aunt Virginia's Recipe BEANS & CORN - My Grandson's Recipe Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast Casserole BLUEBERRY TOPPING/CUPCAKE WITH ICE CREAM Broiled and Open-faced BUTTERHORNS Butterscotch Sauce - MmmGood! Paul said Cape Cod Cranberry Coffee Cake Caribbean French Toast CARROT TOP'S CARROT CAKE Cheese-Potato Casserole Chicken - Any Way You Say It! Chili Today and Tomorrow - New England style! Cranberry Nut Loaf Curried Fruit - Joyce's Recipe Shared FRIENDSHIP Front Porch Lemonade Gingerbread Waffles Grilled Tuna and Swordfish with Cilantro Sauce HEAVENLY MAPLE NUT MUFFINS HERBED PECANS HerbsN'Cheese Spread - Joyce's Recipe Shared Hot Cross Buns Hot Fudge Sauce on profiterole! Marijane's Roasted Turkey Sandwich Meatball Stroganoff Meatballs-cranberry and chili sauce, BakinTime MERRY-GO-ROUND Oven-Roasted Vegetables Overnight Sausage Souffle Piccadilly Circles II Pumpkin Cran-Raisin Muffins Quick Tomato Aspic-with Shrimp Sauce Essentials: Awesome Asian Noodle Sauce Sauerkraut Salad-ON A HOT DOG, Mom's Recipe Savory Mushroom Beef Barley Soup Sleigh Balls - Date Balls Sour Cream Coffee Cake -My Favorite! Spice Cake and Chocolate Frosting -Gladys' Recipe Tarred Roof Cake! Thats One Big Oreo Cake! Whole Wheat Banana Blueberry Muffins Winter Squash - mashed and simple Wowie Cake -M.E.Carroll's recipe shared