Tasty Tomato Recipes

Tasty Tomato Recipes
Created February 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking56
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [emh52]
I love tomatoes!
This cookbook showcases many ways to enjoy them.
On the cover-Iced Tomato Bisque with Avocado and Basil Sorbet
By Russ Myers Beegee1947
Thank you to all JAP cooks for their recipes, so delicious and will be enjoyed by many.

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Eileen Hineline - Feb 20, 2015
Hello donna
Thanks! I do hope you like the recipes and try many of them.
Donna Graffagnino - Feb 20, 2015
Thank you Eileen for including some of my tomato recipes in your cookbook. Every recipe looks wonderful!
Eileen Hineline - Feb 20, 2015
Hello Noreen
I am honored to showcase your awesome recipes! Keep up the great work Noreen.
Nor Mac - Feb 19, 2015
Thank you for including my recipes in your books. I am most honored!
Kathy W - Feb 18, 2015
Great cookbook! I see several recipes to check out. Way to go!
Connie Ottman - Feb 18, 2015
Love, love summer tomatoes! Thanks for a wonderful cookbook!
Rose Mary Mogan - Feb 18, 2015
Thanks so much Eileen for including one of my recipes in your newest cookbook. What an honor to have one of my recipes included. Squash & Peppers with Grape Tomatoes I am a big fan of tomatoes and squash as well, and am for ever looking for creative uses for them, so it is nice that you included my recipe in your book.

I too have always enjoyed writing, which after I became disabled I wrote my first Self Published cookbook of 795 recipes, I had so many recipes I couldn't include them all in my first book, and perhaps one day I may even get an opportunity to write a second one., but until then I will just enjoy and appreciate yours, since you do such a spectacular job of it. smile. You have another winning recipe book. CONGRATULATIONS
Eileen Hineline - Feb 18, 2015
you have wonderful recipes Jeanne, you should put them in a cookbook, I will look forward to that.
Jeanne Gliddon - Feb 18, 2015
Yes I do enjoy them Eileen! I've never done one myself but maybe on day, lol!!
Eileen Hineline - Feb 18, 2015
Why thank you Jeanne, that is so kind of you. I love to create and I love to write, I have a few published poems but haven't been inspired to write anything more and since I can remember I always wanted to write a book or create some kind of book and in my early teens it has always been a dream to do a cookbook, so maybe you are right, maybe I am ment to do them. I hope to purchase each one, over time of course and apss them down to my 3 sons and other family. I know a few JAP cooks who have over 800 cookbooks, I can't see myself doing that many but they are fun to make. I hope you enjoy them all. Hugs.
Jeanne Gliddon - Feb 18, 2015
You have a real knack for making them Eileen! I think you must be a very creative person and have found your calling, lol. Keep up the good work!!
Eileen Hineline - Feb 18, 2015
Hello Jeanne
I never liked tomatoes as a kid or growing up. I would always give my tomato slices from sandwiches or burgers to anyone who wanted them and when we went to my grandmothers every weekend, 9 times out of 10, she made tomato sandwiches, it was either eat one or go hungry, I was 17 when i first ate a real sliced tomato and fell in love with them, silly story but a true one. Im so glad you like the recipes. I think making these cookbooks has become a new hobby for me, lol.
Jeanne Gliddon - Feb 18, 2015
There is a wonderful mix of tomato recipes in your newest cookbook Eileen! Great job and I look forward to trying some like making Homemade V8 Juice and the Swiss Steak with Tomato Gravy, yum!! Congratulation on another super cookbook!!!

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Bacon Tomato Dip BAKED TOMATO PUDDING ..OLD Family Heirloom Recipe Baked Tomatoes,Corn and button mushrooms. Basil Tomato Pork Ribs and Fettuccine Basil Tomatoes on Toastettes Bloody Mary Tomatoes Bruschetta Roasted Tomato Mozzarella Appetizer Canned Tomato Juice Cherry Tomato Appetizer Chili Made With Tomato Soup Dijon-Tomato & Sweet Onion Pie Fresh Harvest Tomatoes and Green Chile Soup FRESH TOMATO DESERT CAKE..SUGARLESS Fresh Tomato Pizza Fried Green Tomatoes Green Tomato and Jalapeno Jelly Grilled portabello and tomato snacks Home Made Tomato Sauce Homemade Bloody Mary Mix HOMEMADE SUN DRIED TOMATOES Iced Tomato Bisque with Avocado and Basil Sorbet ITALIAN TOMATO SAUCE Lemon Pepper Pork Chops over Spicy Tomato Chile Pasta Lentil tomato soup Make Fresh Homemade V8 Juice MARINATED FRESH TOMATOES & CUCUMBERS Mexican Cheese Tomato & Eggs Bake Mozzarella and Tomato Salad Red Bird Wrap Roasted Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Scalloped Tomatoes Shrimp and Zucchini and Tomatoes Special Roasted Tomato Chicken Spiced Tomato Cupcakes White Chocolate Frosting Squash & Peppers with Grape Tomatoes Steak and Veggie Stuffed Tomatoes Stewed Tomato Bake (homemade) STUFFED BAKED TOMATOES Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sandwich Sun-dried Tomato Cheese Spread with Roasted Garlic Sweet Fresh Tomato Loaf Sweet Tomato Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Swiss Steak with Tomato Gravy Tomato Bread Tomato Chicken Lemon Rosemary Soup Tomato Juice made from tomato paste Tomato Tulips Tomatoe Avocado Salad Ultimate Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato Waffle Sandwich Zucchini & Tomatoes