Yummy Diabetic Recipes

Yummy Diabetic Recipes
Created June 2012

Glenda Whisenhunt
By Glenda Whisenhunt @Glenda_Whisenhunt
Diabetic friendly recipes using Splenda and reduced calorie substitutes.

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Brenda Newton - over a year ago
Thanks for including my Splenda Spritz cookie recipe in your book. Please check out my other recipes using Splenda. The apple pie I make with splenda my family loves over the sugar one. I use splenda in most of my cookie making now days even in canning fruits. I look foward to making lots of the recipes you included in this book.
annie Melton - over a year ago
I am a diabetic and hope to buy this cookbook soon.
Rose Mary Mogan - over a year ago
This book has some great recipes inside Glenda. Thanks for posting 3 of my recipes. It is nice to have my recipes featured along with so many other great cooks.

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"The Great Pumpkin Pumpkin Pie"...came in my Splenda newsletter ALMOND CHEESECAKE BARS APPLE COOKIES WITH SPLENDA Baptist Pound Cake Blueberry Coffee Cake with Crumble Topping CARROT CAKE MAKE WITH SPLENDA CHOCOLATE MARBLE CAKE Cin's Splendid Apple-Cranberry Pie Cin's Version of the "Sugar-Free Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce" Cinnamon Ginger Spice Cookies - Low Sugar/Diabetic Friendly Recipe Coconut Almond Macaroons (low sugar/gluten free) Conversion charts ~ Sugar to Splenda or Equal Dee Dee's Weight Watcher's Strawberry Pie DEEP CHOCOLATE SHORTBREAD WITH SPLENDA DIABETIC-FRIENDLY EASY STRAWBERRY CREAM SQUARES Guilt-Free Brownies Heavenly Cheesecake Hot Cocoa Dry Mix Making Homemade Colored Sugar (or Splenda) NO SUGAR OR WHITE FLOUR MOIST BANANA NUT BREAD PEACHES N' CREAM CHEESE PIE- "DIABETIC FRIENDLY" Pecan Sandies with Splenda QUICK & EASY No Sugar REESE'S peanut butter pie SPLENDA APPLE TURNOVERS SPLENDA BANANA BARS AND SPLENDA CREAM CHEESE FROST SPLENDA BLEND SOUR CREAM POUND CAKE SPLENDA BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE BARS Splenda Brn Sugar Oatmeal Cookies SPLENDA BUTTERSCOTCH BROWNIES SPLENDA CHERRY VANILLA KOOL-AID MALT SPLENDA CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE Splenda Chocolate Marble Cake SPLENDA CHOCOLATE TOFFEE BARS SPLENDA COCONUTTY BARS Splenda Condensed Milk Substitute SPLENDA FROZEN MINI CINNAMON COFFEE CHEESECAKES SPLENDA LEMON RASPBERRY BARS SPLENDA ORANGE ZUCCHINI BREAD SPLENDA PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE CUPS SPLENDA PEANUT BUTTER PIE...Cin SPLENDA SOUR CREAM APPLE COBBLER Splenda Spritz Cookies Splendalicious Apple Pie Splendid Southern Splenda Pecan Pie SUGAR FREE CAPPUCHINO Sugar Free Key Lime Pie Sugar free Strawbwrry Trifle Sugar-free lemon cake SWEET AND CRUNCH NUTS MADE WITH SPLENDA WHOLE WHEAT SPLENDA BLUEBERRY MUFFINS