Amazing Avocado Recipes

Amazing Avocado Recipes
Created September 2016

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking56
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [HappyCooking54]
The Avocado is one of the healthiest foods in the world you could eat. There are so many ways to eat them and enjoy them in recipes, from appetizers , desserts, drinks, main dishes and more.
Here are some reasons to start eating them if you never have.
Alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and oleic acid are key fats provided by avocado. Avocados are a good source of pantothenic acid, dietary fiber, vitamin K, copper, folate, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
On the cover:
Colleen's Gussied Up Steak, by Sherri Williams @logansw is sure to please your taste buds.
Take a look inside and see how you can enjoy them everyday!
Many thanks to every wonderful JAP cook for their delicious recipes, I am honored to showcase them in this book.

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Jeanne Benavidez - Sep 8, 2016
I LOVE AVOCADOS.....this is a great book. Thanks for including my recipe in the collection.
Eileen Hineline - Sep 7, 2016
Hello Andy,
Thank you for your kind comment on the cookbook, that means the world to me coming from you!
Eileen Hineline - Sep 7, 2016
Hi Katie,
I was honored to include your recipe and I bake alot for my co-workers, I cant wait to make your bread and share it and see what they think, I think it will indeed be a winner!
Eileen Hineline - Sep 7, 2016
Hi Connie,
Wow, thats alot of avocados, I wish I could own a tree myself, where I live the landlord wont let me have a garden or trees but I am so happy this cookbook will come in handy for you, I enjoyed making it.
Eileen Hineline - Sep 7, 2016
Hello Sharon
Im so happy you like the recipes and hope you enjoy trying them out. I really love them and try to eat as many as I can. enjoy!
Eileen Hineline - Sep 7, 2016
@Jeanne-I remember not liking them when a friend sliced one for me, I was like, ummm, no thanks but then I tried a small bite and have been hooked ever since. I only ate them sliced, I was amazed how many ways there are for these green gems, enjoy the recipes.!
Jeanne Gliddon - Sep 6, 2016
Super great cookbook, Eileen! I see a lot of recipes that I want to try!!
Sharon Whitley - Sep 6, 2016
Avocados!!! Yummy. Thanks for the inclusion. Means a lot to me at this point in my life.
Connie Ottman - Sep 6, 2016
The perfect book for my house! I have a 2 story avocado tree and itis harvesting time. Last year, we got 551 off the tree.
Boy, do I need this cookbook!!
Thank yo so much for posting!!!
Catie B - Sep 6, 2016
What a great collection of avocado recipes!
Thank you for including my recipe for Southern Avocado Bread.

I can't wait to try some of the other recipes included in the cookbook.

I am only just now learning to love avocados! ;)
I should not be surprised that there are so many things that one can make with them. :)
Andy Anderson ! - Sep 6, 2016
Excellent, book...

I LOVE avocados :-)