Kitchen Chatter Appetizers

Kitchen Chatter Appetizers
Created October 2011

Pat Duran
By Pat Duran @kitchenChatter
Lovingly Compiled by
Pat Duran [kitchenchatter]
Dedecated to all my friends
who love to bake and cook !

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Pat Duran - Mar 7, 2013
I love how the new list of the recipes in the books are on the margarin and you can just click on them and check them out. A great new idea Crew!
Thanks a bunch...
Pat Duran - Jun 9, 2012
Rosemarie I hope you got the help you needed to purchase the book. Hugs my friend.
Pat Duran - Jun 9, 2012
Thanks you so much Susan and CC- Hugs to you guys.
CC MCCART-FROST - Jun 9, 2012
I agree Susan, our Pat can really compile some tasty recipes. CHEERS, CC
Susan Golden - Jun 8, 2012
This is the first cookbook I have ever looked at that I can honestly say I would try everything! Thanks so much :-)
Pat Duran - Oct 7, 2011
You should ask JAP by email which is--
Rosemarie Manasco - Oct 7, 2011
Pat as you know although I have alabama as part of my address I don't live in America. I would like to know how we can come about for me to buy the book.
Pat Duran - Oct 6, 2011
Check out this new cook book with kitchen chatter appetizer recipes. Bohemian Appetizers
CC MCCART-FROST - Oct 6, 2011
You've done it again my dear Pat. Please have one on hand for when we have our meal together. GOTTA HAVE IT!!!!! CHEERS, CC