Just A Pinch Favorites  Volume 3

Just A Pinch Favorites Volume 3
Created September 2013

Susan Bickta
By Susan Bickta @souxie
Lovingly Compiled by
Susan Bickta [souxie] More of JAP's great recipes that I want to try. Thanks to all of the talented cooks that have shared their wonderful recipes!

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Susan Bickta - over a year ago
Hey Lynn Socko!!! So glad you share your awesome recipes!!!
Lynn Socko - over a year ago
wonderful book Susan, thank you so much for including me!
Susan Bickta - over a year ago
Hi Cassie Long!!! Your Lemon Pie recipe is awesome ..... so glad you shared with us!!!!
Cassie * - over a year ago
Thank you Susan for including my Lemon Pie in your lovely book...:)
Susan Bickta - over a year ago
Good morning, Susan Cutler!!! I'm so glad you shared your recipes with JAP!! The Chicken Salad in a Puff Bowl sounds awesome, but, the first one I want to try is your Indian Pudding!! I LOVE INDIAN PUDDING!!! It reminds me of the trips we took to Cape Cod when I was growing up (1960's) and it was my favorite dessert served at one of our favorite restaurants in Sandwich, MA ..... The Daniel Boone Inn ...... now that Fall has arrived .... it will be the perfect dessert!!! I just re-read your recipe ..... noticed your notes about sciatica ..... I surely hope that problem has been resolved. Also, I encourage you to make your own cookbook here on JAP!! It's GREAT fun!!!
Susan Cutler - over a year ago
Hi Susan, Thank you for adding my recipes to your wonderful cookbook! I enjoyed looking through it and you have selected some yummy recipes, for sure! Great job!!

I noticed you are on Volume 3 so, I am assuming you have published Volumes 1 & 2. I haven't done any yet but am seriously thinking about it!! :)

Thanks again, Susan!