Maw Maw's Recipe Mix

Maw Maw's Recipe Mix
Created December 2012

Linda Stevens
By Linda Stevens @bittygirl51
Lovingly Compiled by
Linda Stevens [bittygirl51]

This collection of recipes is dedicated to the descendants of my family tree, but especially to my grandchildren.

It will take you on my lifetime journey from the East, to the North and finally ending up in the South. Because of this journey, my culinary tastes have changed and become quite diverse!

I've come full circle from that "picky eater" that I was as a child.

My desire to lose weight and eat healthier is also represented thru my employment with Weight Watchers and some of the recipes in this book. If a healthier way of fixing any of these recipes is possible it is so noted.

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Linda Stevens - Dec 6, 2012
You are welcome, Melissa. They are delicious!
Melissa Sperka - Dec 6, 2012
Hi Linda, thank you for including my Nested Potato Skins, great cookbook!