Delicious Diabetic and Healthy Recipes

Delicious Diabetic and Healthy Recipes
Created January 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking54
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [emh52
Healthy eating does not have to be boring or even taste bland. The recipes I chose are full of flavor but so good for you. I am diabetic and have to watch the things I eat or how I cook food or bake,even what snacks to have that won't be full of fat and unhealthy ingredients. I think you will like the recipes,I know I do!

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Eileen Hineline - Jan 18, 2015
Hi Linda Kauppinen-You are welcome,as soon I seen the recipe and the picture I knew it was a winner with me and will be by so many cooks. Ty for liking the cookbook too.
Linda Kauppinen - Jan 18, 2015
Eileen, thank you for including my recipe "Mels Maple Pecan encrusted Salmon"! You have a great cookbook here for diabetics and even nondiabetics should love it as well!!
Eileen Hineline - Jan 18, 2015
Hello Ellen Bales- Thank you for your kind comment and I loved your recipes. enjoy the cookbook! Hugs.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 18, 2015
Hello Jeanne Gliddon, It was a pleasure to add your recipe which I can't wait to make. I was so unhappy when i was told I was diabetic. I thought all foods,drinks,snacks and more would be aweful until I started looking at diabetic cookbooks. Healthy eating is so important too even if you are not diabetic. Im so happy you like the cookbook, I had so much fun making it. enjoy! Hugs
Ellen Bales - Jan 18, 2015
Thank you so much, Eileen, for including two of my recipes in your fabulous new cookbook! I agree with Jeanne--a lot of people will benefit from this collection.
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 18, 2015
Eileen, you have put together one fantastic cookbook that is going to help many people! I am so proud that you chose to include my Beef Stew Jeanne's Way recipe in such an important cookbook. Thank you so very much!!