You Can't Play Until You Finish Your Vegetables!

You Can't Play Until You Finish Your Vegetables!
Created March 2012

Allison Hazell
By Allison Hazell @ahazell
Lovingly Compiled by Allison Hazell (Lissa)I can remember so well being told to finish my vegetables or I couldn't go out to play with my friends who I had been watching enviously from the dining room window. Many a pea and green bean mysteriously hit the rug and dissapeared. If only I had the opportunity to eat some of these great Veggie dishes, I would have gladly scraped my plate clean. This is a compilation of Veggie and Sides from great cooks/food enthusiasts across the country and a couple of my own. Here's to Veggies, may they no longer be just a "side dish!" Don't have your kids squishing veggies into the carpet. It's a terrible way to live and so unnecessary! LOL

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Julia McGinnis - Mar 22, 2012
What an honor to be featured in the cookbook!
Carol Junkins - Mar 13, 2012
This is a great book to have cause we all run out of things to make for sides some time ! Lots of great choices here.