Freda's Family Favorites Vol. 2

Freda's Family Favorites Vol. 2
Created January 2012

By FREDA GABLE @cookin4me
Lovingly Compiled by
FREDA GABLE [cookin4me]
Vol. 2
There's Nothing Like "Moms Home made Cooking", this continues to be dedicated to my Children & grand children to be cherished for many years.
Enjoy, with many memories,
cherish the Memories
Your Mother,

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Gabriel Kingsley - over a year ago
I kinda thought so but just sounded odd to have it in a bacon gravy... Thank you for answering and I can't wait to try this gravy.
FREDA GABLE - over a year ago
Gabriel, (SGR) is always short for "Sugar"
Hope that answers your Question!!
Thanks for asking.
Gabriel Kingsley - over a year ago
btw love your cook book!
Gabriel Kingsley - over a year ago
What does sgr stand for in your bacon gravy?
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Congratulations Freda! Another nice cookbook! xo
Karla Everett - over a year ago
Another good cookbook!! :D

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

" Christmas Punch" "Apple Pancakes" on christmas morning "BACON GRAVY" "Canadian Butter Tarts of Grandma Browns" By Freda "Classic Hashbrown Potatoes" "Easy Sausage Kabobs" "Family Country Breakfast" "PRIME RIB ROAST" HOILDAY Style by Freda 3 Ingredient GRILLED Pork Roast By Freda Bacon Cheeseburgers to Die For Baked Chicken for one or Two By Freda BBQ GRILLED ONION BURGERS By Freda BBQ Grilled Stuffed Pork Chops, By freda Beef and Noodles, So Simple, By freda BEER BATTER FRIED FISH AND MALT VINEGAR -- BONNIE'S Best Ever Pork Tenderloin Fillets By freda Breaded pork Chops Homemade 2 ways by freda Cherry Coffee Cake, By Freda Chili Mac N beef Casserole by freda Corned beef and Cabbage By Freda Country Garden Vegetable Soup by freda CRACKER BARRELS almost GRILLED CHICKEN TENDERS by Freda Crispy Tempura Shrimp Restaurant Style By freda Danish Homemade Pastry by Freda Easy Yeast Rolls by Freda EGG FOO YOUNG By Freda Farmhouse Bread Pudding by freda FINGER STEAKS BY FREDA Fredas Scalloped Potatoes with ham Fried Chicken N Beer By Freda Grandmas Country Sausage Gravy N Biscuits by Freda Granny's Shepards Pie By Freda Grilled Bacon Wrapped PorkChops & Pineapple By Freda Heavenly tea Cookies (light and crispy) by freda Homemade "Banana Pudding" Homestyle Budget Ctry Steaks By Freda Kraut & weinies by freda Labor Day RIBEYE with Avocado Salad by Freda Meatballs Super Bowl Style by Freda Mexican Pulled Pork slow cooked Tacos and More By freda New York Strip Loin Roast By Freda Onion Pot-Roast Via the Crockpot By Freda Pot Roast Braised With Mushrooms N Onions, Sunday dinner, By Freda ROOT BEER FLOATS by Freda Shrimp Cocktail By Freda Shrimp Grilled Hot and Spicy by freda Shrimp Kabobs Grilled with Pineapple By Freda STEAK TIPS Over Rice By Freda SUPER BOWL CHILI by Freda Turkey Melt, All American sand, by Freda