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P B - Jan 11, 2014
Thanks' for sifting through my Very few Recipes :o} I don't know where you find the time??... You have this Mastered!!!! I want to see you in the News feed at the next Championship Challenge!!!! You Would Kick Butt!!!!!! ;D
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
You're so welcome Paula...I'm gonna make these babies for one of my W/W cheat! I just bought a turkey fryer for such things as this...thanks for sharing your yummy looking recipes...hugs!!
P B - Jan 9, 2014
Thanks Cassie for adding My Chocolate Dounuts to your Cook Book. You are a Total Sweetheart ;O) Hugs Xoxo Paula
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014're the sounds and looks of your Frittata...can't wait to serve it to my family...thanks for posting it...hugs!
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
Thank you Leila...your pie is on my list of tries soon...can't wait...I know my family will love it...thanks for posting...hugs!
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
Glad anytime to make your day Ellen...can't wait to try more of your recipes...thanks for posting them...hugs!
Cassie * - Jan 9, 2014
You're welcome Jeanne...I can't wait to try both recipes...I made a resolution to try more recipes from fellow can't wait to get started...thanks for posting your recipes...on that note...I am going to the shed to find that book we were discussing...a picture will follow shortly...:))
Martha Price - Jan 9, 2014
Hi Cassie! Thank you for including my Cream Cheese Frittata in your cook book! I love it and hope others enjoy it, too! It is certainly in awesome company - I looked through the cookbook and all of the recipes sound delicious!
Leila Rockwell - Jan 9, 2014
You have made some great cookbooks and I know your children will love them. I want to thank you for entering my breadfast pie recipe also, and will be downloading some of your cookbooks. Hugs Cassie Great job.
Carol * - Jan 9, 2014
I am warm all over seeing these recipes printed out in such beautiful books!! I want them ALL!!!! May have to go up to Walmart and apply for a job as a greeter!!! lol. AWESOME job dear girl....
Ellen Bales - Jan 9, 2014
You have made my day, Cass! Thanks so much for including three of my breakfast recipes--what an awesome cookbook!
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 9, 2014
Thank you so much Cassie for including my Celebration Fruit Salad and Mocha Frappe recipes in your new cookbook! I feel very honored and excited that you picked two of my favorite ones and hope that people will try them. I can't wait to look through the cookbook tomorrow when I'm at the computer. This is such a pain in the neck that the iPad won't let me look inside now because I can be very impatient at times, LOL! Thanks again!