Boss Queen's         Vol # 2 Cookbook

Boss Queen's Vol # 2 Cookbook
Created March 2013

Mari Craddock
By Mari Craddock @BossQueen
Lovingly Compiled by
Mari Williams [BossQueen]

I had so much fun creating my first cookbook.
I have a better idea of what I want now so I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did creating it.
Made with love from my heart..

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Staci Ojeda - Mar 10, 2013
Thanks Mari for including my Ding Dong Cake! Great cookbook!
Mari Craddock - Mar 6, 2013
Thanks Melissa for sharing it with all of us..
Melissa Sperka - Mar 6, 2013
Nice one Mari! Thanks for including my dip ~ Melissa
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 6, 2013
Thanks Mari, it is my dream kitchen too. smile I would be in Heaven to have such a spacious and functional kitchen. That really is a great cookbook.

Well I am off to post 2 recipes that I made on yesterday one is a Irish Whiskey Cake, and the other is a Mint Oatmeal Cookie with Raisins and nuts, and they both turned out really great. I am so pleased with both of them. Good luck with the book. Best wishes.
Mari Craddock - Mar 6, 2013
Rose, Thank you so much for the compliment. I always enjoy your ideas and recipes.

that is my dream kitchen.. I do hope to have it one day. Working on making it my goal!! God Bless you !!
Rose Mary Mogan - Mar 6, 2013
Mari, congratulations on the creation of your first cookbook, I am sure it will be the first of many. You did a wonderful job. I love all the recipes and thanks so much for including 3 of my recipes.

I LOVE THE COVER OF YOUR BOOK, I HOPE THAT IS YOUR KITCHEN. If not I am sure you will have it one day. It is a Homemakers dream to have a HUGE KITCHEN LIKE THAT. Great book Mari, and thanks for including 3 of my recipes. God Bless and have a great day.