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how to store fruits and vegetables

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Wanted to share this tidbit with you. We don't always know what is best so maybe this will clear a few things up.

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    Foods To Refrigerate: Apples - if you have them more than 7 days Berries - store in a dry covered container Melons - once they have ripened Beets and Carrots - cut off green tops first Broccoli and Celery - store in crisper ( wrap celery in aluminum foil and then store in crisper will keep up to 2 weeks easy) Leafy greens - wash and dry completely and store in crisper Corn - store with husk on Green beans - store in airtight container - don't snap off ends until ready to use Mushrooms - store unwashed in paper bag Peppers,squash,zucchini - store unwashed in plastic bag Apricots,cherries,grapes,figs,artichokes,asparagus
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    Foods That Should Stay Out Fruits and vegetables stored outside of the refrigerator should be kept at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Keep produce in a vented plastic bowl or perforated plastic bag to prevent moisture loss. Make sure you don't keep all your fruits and veggies in the same bowl, as the ethylene gas (more on this ahead) emitted from some can cause others to spoil more quickly.
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    Here are some fruits and vegy's that should be stored outside the fridge: Apples - if you will eat them winthin 7 days Avocado - store in brown paper bag Bananas - store in a fruit bowl Stone fruits ( anything with a pit) store in brown paper bag until ripe and then refrigerate Onions and potatoes - store in dark dry place Lemons,limes,oranges,papayas,pineapples,watermelon,pumpkins,tomatoes
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    Ethylene is an odorless,colorless gas emitted by fruits and vegy's and other plants that speed ripening and can cause produce to spoil. Fruits and veggies that produce ethylene gas sould be kept away from foods that are sensitive to the effects of ethylene.
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    In the frig - keep apples,melons,appricots away from strawberries,cherries,grapes,carrots.borccoli.celery,green beans,artichokes,asparagus,and leafy greens. On the counter top store avocados,bananas,nectarines,plums and peaches away from grapefruit,watermelon,lemons,limes,oranges and potatoes.