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#1 for proven recipes from today's home cooks

The Great Tailgate! Recipes

It's the great tailgate! Feed your friends and fellow fans with these fab, fun food ideas for the big game.

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Baked Mac and Cheese for One

Sue Lally
By Sue Lally
What a wonderful way to indulge yourself in macaroni and cheese... while still maintaining portion control!...

Blue Ribbon Chicken Wing Recipes

Score extra points by serving these Blue Ribbon chicken wing recipes at your next tailgate!

Comforting Recipes To Make The Day Better

When I’m having a bad day, there’s one thing that can turn it around –...

7 Stick-to-Your-Ribs Beef Stroganoff Recipes

Beef stroganoff is a fuss-free meal that’s comforting and full of flavor. Its origins date...

10 Crock Pot Casserole Dinner Recipes

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Preacher Cake

Susan J Swanson
By Susan J Swanson
Dense and sponge-like, this simple cake is sweet, nutty, and delightfully moist. With pineapple being the...
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Anti-Crabby Cake

Sarah Farrand
By Sarah Farrand
Crabbiness be gone! This cake will win you over with its sweet pineapple and super...

Diane's Almond Joy Cake

Diane Hughes
By Diane Hughes
One of my fondest memories of childhood is of the yummy chocolates that I enjoyed with...

Dragonfly Dark Chocolate Cake

Cynthia Guptill
By Cynthia Guptill
Chocolate lovers unite over this decadently dark and delicious delight!

Member shared recipes are reviewed, and those that have Blue Ribbon potential get whipped up in the Test Kitchen. If the dish is delicious enough, it is awarded a Blue Ribbon.

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