Bring On The Corn!

Bring On The Corn!
Created July 2014

Ellen Bales
By Ellen Bales @Starwriter
Lovingly Compiled by
Ellen Bales
Corn, maize, majs, maissi, Maïs commun, Echter Mais, formentone, diente de caballo--whatever you call it, this perfect vegetable is a staple in diets all around the world. Here are some of my favorite ways to prepare it.
07 - 01 - 14
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Stormy Stewart - over a year ago
Thank you for adding a recipe of mine. great book
Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Thank you, Cassie, Nancy, Kathy, & Jeanne--I'm so glad you like it!
Jeanne Gliddon - over a year ago
What a fun cookbook Ellen! My sister will love this one because corn is her favorite veggie! Great job!!
Kathy W - over a year ago
Yummy looking collection! Nice cookbook.
Nancy Allen - over a year ago
Wonderful Book Ellen! It's loaded with beautiful recipes. Thank you for including my corn recipes with this fine group. 8)
Cassie * - over a year ago
Thanks so much Ellen for including my recipes in yet another yummy Cookbook! Love me some good corn! Lots of great recipes to try...:)
Ellen Bales - over a year ago
Thanks, Maggie!
Maggie M - over a year ago
Nice collection !!