What's Cooking?

What's Cooking?
Created June 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking56
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [HappyCooking53]
I love good recipes!
I gathered up some delicious and wonderful recipes from the best JAP cooks around!
Check out the Desserts and Drinks sections!
Take a look inside and see what you can cook up tonight for your family and friends , they will not be disappointed!

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sharon flanagan - over a year ago
Thank you Eileen! You have certainly boosted my day by including my recipe Eggs Benny in Happy Cooking 53! I'm truly honored!
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
You have a great day too... The weekend is fast approaching.
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Good morning Andy
If she blocked you then its because she couldnt handle the truth. Have a great day. You are not over reacting.
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Good morning jenny
Hope your having a great morning, I am thinking of doing the same
Jenny Powers - over a year ago
I blocked her because I was tired of seeing what she did. She must be one bored person!
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
Eileen: Oh, I don't know, I'm probably just overreacting. I guess that if she wants to take recipes and pretend that they are her own that's her business, not mine.

I asked her why she was copying all of her recipes and pretending that they were her own, and she blocked me :-/

I probably deserved it.
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Hello leanne
It was a honor to include your recipe, the way we eat pizza in my home is crazy and I must try your recipe, its a winner and I am glad you like the book too, thank you.
Leanne D. - over a year ago
Thank you for including my pizza dough recipe! Nice book!
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Hello again Andy,
Oh wow, I just seen what your trying to tell me and am I wrong to be upset? I seen she says from my mamaws recipe collection, wow. The only thing I can tell you is maybe shes copying from cookbooks she has too? I shared a few of those recipes. I feel so stupid now. What should I do? any advice?
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Hello Andy
I share alot of recipes from other sites because at the moment my sd card is ruined and i cant share my own recipes when I have them to share. I always make sure to give credit to the sites to where I get my recipes. I make sure people know those recipes are not mine but I share them because they are recipes I have actually used. My mom gave me Taste Of Home cookbooks for a few years as gifts for my birthday and christmas gifts. I lost them when we moved so I am glad for the site so I can still enjoy the recipes I am so fond of.
Have I ever done something wrong? that maybe I am un aware of? I am just asking.
Im thankful Andy that you are letting me know. I really enjoy making the cookbooks because I have every intent on buying them when I have the money because they are going to be given for gifts to my friends and family and they will have something I created.
Andy, you and so many others inspire me with your awesome recipes. Sometimes I wish I could take credit for the awesome recipes I share but to do so when they are not my own would be so wrong. If they are mine the information will always be posted. I shared her recipe Taffy Apple cheesecake because I really want to make it.
Thanks again Andy I will check on her site. Keep your recipes coming my friend, they are truly wonderful and its a honor to share them when I can in my cookbooks. Hugs!
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Hi Carol, you are so welcome!!! I do hope you enjoy the recipes.
Eileen Hineline - over a year ago
Hello Sherry,
I never had your recipe before and I just loved the recipe. I love corn chowder and I love halibut, your recipe is a winner!!
Sherry Blizzard - over a year ago
What a lovely surprise. Thank you for including my halibut and corn chowder in your cookbook. :)
Carol Junkins - over a year ago
Love this book, thanks for adding one of mine too !!!!
Andy Anderson ! - over a year ago
Just be careful over this Chrystal C. journeyrock92

She's posted 2000 recipes over the last 90 days... sometimes 20 or 30 recipes a day. Mostly copy & pasted from Taste of Home.

Her recipe: Taffy Apple Cheesecake Pie can be found at Taste of Home, word-for-word; including the copyrighted photo at: tasteofhome.com/...le-cheesecake-pie

I understand that a recipe can not be copyrighted; however, when you post it word-for-word, you use the cooks photo, and then claim that it's your recipe... that's just doesn't seem right.