Another Visit With Grandma

Another Visit With Grandma
Created July 2012

Roda Laser
By Roda Laser @Roda
Lovingly Compiled by
Roda Laser [Roda]
We Jappers have shared so many good recipes from our grandmothers that another book was needed. Thank you to all who have shared treasured family memories and recipes.
This cookbook is dedicated to all of our grandmothers.

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Karla Everett - Jul 15, 2012
Thanks for including a couple of my recipes.
Roda Laser - Jul 7, 2012
Thanks to everyone and big thanks to our grandmothers! :)
Gail Welch - Jul 6, 2012
Donna, I wish I could take credit for this wonderful cookbook, but it was compiled by RODA LASER. She did a great job. You just can't go wrong with Grandma.
Colleen Sowa - Jul 5, 2012
Thank you for including my recipe! xo
donna clark - Jul 5, 2012
Gail thank you so much for adding two of my grandmothers recipes in your cook book. You are right our grandmothers sure could cook.!!
Gail Welch - Jul 5, 2012
Our grandmother's sure could cook. Thanks for including Grandma Jackson's Chocolate Cream Pie

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

'Tator Burgers Creamy Tomato Soup from Grandma Fuller Dumplings for Stew-Grandma's Old Fashioned Recipe Fried Corn (My Grandma's Recipe) GaGa's 7Up Chicken Gram's St. Paul Breakfast Gramma Wood's & (Mom) Hazel's Sugar Cookies Grandma Barbara's Tuna Salad Grandma Braun's Vegetable Soup Grandma Carr's Everyday No Recipe Dishes Grandma Cleveland's Jello Salad Topper Grandma Delleplain Yeast Rolls Grandma Goldies Cornbread dressing Grandma Irvine's Four Layer Torte Grandma Jackson's Chocolate Cream Pie Grandma June's Corn Fritters Grandma Knippel's Dressing Grandma Lewis Scratch Noodles Grandma Marty's Chunky Potato Soup Grandma Nancy's Chicken and Biscuits Grandma Overgaard's Pistachio Cake Grandma Pat's Greens Grandma Rose's Carrot Pie Grandma Rose's White Bread Dough Grandma Sally's Overnight Salad Grandma Schultz' Grilled Bratwurst and Saurkraut Grandma Shooks Broccoli and Rice Casserole Grandma Wise Burnswick Stew Grandma's Gingerbread Grandma's Baking Powder Biscuts Grandma's Cabbage Casserole GRANDMA'S CHICKEN POTPIE Grandma's Cranberry Sauce Grandma's Old Fashioned Raisins Cake Grandma's Orange Salad Grandma's Own Grandma's Secret Apple Brownies! Grandma's Sloppy Joes Grandma's Spaghetti and Meatballs Grandma's Swedish Meatballs Grandma's Turkey Rice-Almond Dish Grandmas Sugar Cookies Grandmother's Seafood Salad Gummy's Molasses Cookies Meme's Tea Biscuits Made Easy My Grandma Lula's 1919 Whipped Cream Slaw Na'Na's Homemade Pancakes Nanny Gates Gingerbread Cake Rose Petal Jam from Grandma Yankee-Doodle Casserole