Family Traditions

Family Traditions
Created October 2011 (Third Edition)

Gail Welch
By Gail Welch @sugarshack
Generations of family favorite
Home Cooked Recipes
Lovingly Compiled by
Gail Welch
Cover: Mike & Gail Welch

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Gail Welch - Oct 18, 2011
Thank you Colleen and Karla. I am all about food and family!
Karla Everett - Oct 18, 2011
Another great book Gail. Really like the theme of your book! :D
Colleen Sowa - Oct 18, 2011
Hi Gail... love the photo on the cover! Very cool....

Thank you for including my recipes in your lovely cookbook! xo
Gail Welch - Oct 18, 2011
Thanks everybody! Yes that is my husband and me and making these cookbooks are a lot of fun.
Christine Whisenhunt - Oct 18, 2011
Some great recipes, Gail. Good job! And, I LOVE the cover!
Norma DeRemer - Oct 18, 2011
Thanks for including my recipe in your book. Isn't it fun to make these. Your's is great.
Tara McCarter - Oct 18, 2011
I am loving that picture of my granddaughter that together we get together and make something every time we can.

Thank you for the honor again. I love the front picture. Is it you and your husband?

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

Big Daddy Pinto Beans 'N Rice Big Daddys King Ranch Chicken Bonnie Butter Cake with Mama's Fudge Icing--Part 2 Chocolate Gravy (from early 1900's recipe file) Daddy's Buttermilk Cornbread Grandaddy's Chili Granddaddy's Soup Granddaughter, Grandma time Smores Grandma's Applesauce Cake Grandma's Caramel Frosting Grandma's Chili Grandma's Favorite Sweet Potato Pie Grandma's fresh peach pie Grandma's Moon Cake Grandma's Shortcake Drop Biscuits GRANDMA'S SOUTHERN POUND CAKE...Cin Grandmas Chocolate Pecan Pie Grandmas Country Sausage Gravy N Biscuits by Freda GRANDMAS SUGAR COOKIES...Cin Granny Bea's Chicken Pot Pie Granny's Shepards Pie By Freda Great Grandma Kennedy's BUTTERMILK CANDY Great Grandma's Fried Chicken! Great Great Grandma's Pioneer Trail - SALT COOKIES Great Great Great Grandma's Rice Pudding GREAT UNCLE NOTHEL'S OLD FASHIONED CHOCOLATE CAKE MAMA'S APPLE DUMPLINGS (the real thing) Mama's Beef Stew Mama's Best Ever Spaghetti & Meatballs Mama's Chicken 'n Dumplin's Mamaw Johnson's Chocolate Pie Mom's Cheesiest Mac & Cheese Mom's Homemade Pizza Mom's Oven Pork Chops Mom-Mom's Cheeseburger Casserole Momma's Chicken Wings Mommy's Fried Chicken Moms 1970 Weenie Dish Moms buttermilk cake Moms Devils Food Cake Moms Yummy Dump Cake My Cuzin's daughter made both; I just had to share My Daughter's Favorite Rolls My Grandma's Apple Strudel My Mom's Famous Mini Meatloaves My Mom's Old Fashioned Macaroni Soup My other Grandma's Navy Bean Soup Papa's Camp Fire Stew PaPa's Cure-All Vegetable Stew Three Sisters Pie