Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten Free Recipes
Created November 2011

Penny Hall
By Penny Hall @FantasyFaery54
Lovingly Compiled by
Penny Hall [FantasyFaery54]
Health is a necessity, and there are some great recipes on JAP for gluten free diets, and healthy recipes for diabetes, and other diseases. This bookd is dedicated to all those that struggle to stay healthy. When a recipe calls for white flour, or cornbread mix, substitute gluten free flour instead.

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Penny Hall - Nov 6, 2011
Glad it is a useful book.
Stormy Stewart - Nov 5, 2011
wonderful book thanks snagged this also
Christine Whisenhunt - Nov 5, 2011
That's sweet of you!
Penny Hall - Nov 5, 2011
Your welcome. I have a friend at work who has celiac disease, so I am trying to create gluten free recipes that she can experiment with.
Christine Whisenhunt - Nov 4, 2011
Nice book, Penny! Thanks for including me!