Lov*in These Recipes

Lov*in These Recipes
Created December 2012

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

Contentment Sauce (A recipe for all)

Take a lump of the butter of kindness, a bowl of the flour of patience, a wine glass of sympathy, cordial, and a fair allowance of the sugar of Hope, with the spice of Society in a small proportion.

Mrs. John T Davenport

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Tammy T - Jan 7, 2013
Welcome Raquel! I love that recipe and can't wait to try it! Yumm!
Raquel Beltz - Jan 7, 2013
Great collection! Thank you for including my Rocky Road Brownies recipe. Looking for ward to trying some of the other included recipes. ;)
Gail Welch - Jan 1, 2013
LOL Thanks, Tammy. It is good in this cold weather. I had it as leftovers again tonight!! Tasted even better!
Tammy T - Jan 1, 2013
Your dinner sounded good Gail, I think I'm going to make your Italian Casserole tonight. its calling to me! LOL!
Gail Welch - Jan 1, 2013
Thank you so much, Tammy. I truly appreciate your comments. My cooking is pretty basic. I've been fortunate to have had my mother teach me. We had the Italian casserole last night along with the Bacon wrapped Pork Loin for a crowd of people over for New Year's Eve. You did do a great job on this cookbook!
Tammy T - Dec 31, 2012
Hello Valerie! I am so glad you posted the cheese whiz recipe! I LOVE cheese whiz on everything! especially on cooked broccoli and cauliflower. Yummm! I am so excited about actually making my own! Thank you!! I'm glad you like the book too! :D
Tammy T - Dec 31, 2012
Hi Gail! Your Italian Casserole is the bomb! Thank you for sharing it! You also have some of the best recipes! Actually, you all are my fav's! You are all so accomplished in cooking and I appreciate it! Glad you liked the book!
Tammy T - Dec 31, 2012
Hi Nancy Allen! I also LOVE your recipes! You have likes that are very similar to mine. Thank you and keep them coming please!
Tammy T - Dec 31, 2012
Ellen, I LOVE patty melts and that is one of the best recipes I've seen for it! Thank you as always, you have such good taste in food! Ans thank you for the kind words!
Valarie Pitts - Dec 31, 2012
Thank you Tammy for adding my cheese wiz recipe! Great cookbook! Looking forward to trying these recipes, I see many I want to make!
Gail Welch - Dec 31, 2012
This is a great collection of recipes. Like Nanncy, there are many that are new to me and that I would love to try. thanks so much for including my Italian Casserole
Nancy J. Patrykus - Dec 31, 2012
What a wonderful COOKBOOK!!!
So many delicous recipes ..I have never seen!!!
Want to try them all......
Happy New year...to you and yours!!
Ellen Bales - Dec 31, 2012
Congrats on another winner, Tammy! You rock! Thanks for including my Indiana Patty Melt.
Nancy Allen - Dec 31, 2012
Tammy, Your book is loaded with good recipes. Thank you for including my Lemon Chicken, Tropical Fruit, and Church Style Lemon Potatoes as a part of your lovely book. 8)
Tammy T - Dec 31, 2012
I think its a great recipe and feel blessed to have it! Thank you! Happy New Year Carol!