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Mike Welsh - over a year ago
Thanks to all of you. I'm just a beginner and this web site is just what I need. Thanks. Mike
Gloria Gasperson'Giddings - over a year ago
Hey Mike,Great cookbook. I'm honored as well that you included 2 of my recipes in your You Again...Gloria :O)
Lynda Sweezey - over a year ago
Hi Mike, Great cookbook.I'm honored that you included 2 of my recipes...Thanks...Lynda
Gail Welch - over a year ago
Hey Mike,
When I first saw your book it sort of gave me a jolt. My husband's name is Mike Welch. I thought he'd slipped a cookbook in on me. Great book. Enjoyed the recipes!
Jane Whittaker - over a year ago
Hey Hi Mike, don't see you much, but a nice book!
Kay Skipper - over a year ago
Mike, I hope your cookbook is a big success. Hope you enjoy that old fashioned, easy coconut pie made easy. Good luck!