Cuisiniere Bannworth's The Honeymooner Cookbook

Cuisiniere Bannworth's The Honeymooner Cookbook
Created September 2013

Tiffany Bannworth
By Tiffany Bannworth @MissAnubis
Lovingly Compiled by Tiffany Bannworth [MissAnubis]

My wedding day was the first day of the rest of my life. I am endlessly devoted to my wonderful husband.

This book contains some of our favorite dinners from our first year of marriage.

I hope you enjoy!

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50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

"Acorn Squash & Bacon" Baked Macaroni & Cheese "Black Beans and Rice" and Cheddar Casserole "Everything" Rosemary Hot Dog Buns "Roasted Beet and Raspberry" Spiced Pork Baked Brie and Gouda Apricot Pork Baked Florentine Lorraine with Honey Drizzle Baked Flounder in Sweet Potato and Hazelnut Cream Baked Parisian Cucumber with Clam Cream Sauce Baked Tandoori Lentils Bangkok White Tea Fish Curry BBQ Lentils with Tomatoes and Green Tomatillos Beet, Gorgonzola, and Purple Basil Pizza Buttered Wine Steamed Beau Monde Burgers Carolina Barbecue Chicken Croquettes Chicken and Spinach with Hollandaise Oregano Chicken Broth Purple Cabbage Cinnamon Honey Mashed Sweet Potatoes and Banana Country Fair Hot Dogs a la Paris Crab, Portabella, & Butternut Linguine ala Saffron Cranberry and Stout Mustard Chicken Fennel Bake Creamy Sausage Caprese atop Vegetable Pasta Creamy Sweet Potato Rarebit Crustless Pumpkin Pizza Curried Cornish Pasties East Indian Baked Quail Escargot au Bleu avec Vin Blanc European Creamed Beef, Radish Greens, and Onions Fish with Marmalade, Sesame, and Broccoli Flowers Gorgonzola Panko Crusted Green Bean & Radish Green Gourmet Tuna Casserole Himalayan Stir Fry Lamb and Cheddar Moroccan Couscous Layered Savory Winter Lamb and Guinness Pie Manchego Chayote & Tomatillo in Sweet Potato Broth Mozzarella Spaghetti Squash Casserole Parmigiano Reggiano Garlic Herb Sauteed Fennel Pearl Onion Souffle ala Sherry Oregano Pizzette d'Escargot (Snail Pizza) Polenta with Leeks, Onions, Wine, and Cheese Pumpkin Gnocchi Sweet Browned Tarragon Butter Roasted Butternut Squash& Wilted Arugula Spaghetti Salted Bacon Beet Greens Saute Spiced Pork and Applesauce Casserole Spinach Corn Fritters with Maple Chicken Cream Stuffed Grape Leaves and Grecian Lemon Sauce Stuffed Orange Peppers in a Poppy Mustard Sauce Sweet Gypsy Turnip Greens Sweet Potato Chicken and Mustard Dumplings Welsh Rarebit Zucchini Au Gratin