Its A Wrap!

Its A Wrap!
Created March 2013

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

So many good foods are wrapped, like a present. Only you don't just get to see it, you get to eat it!
T. Todd

The cover photo is a recipe I posted and is in the Appetizer section of this book.

March 28,2013

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Tammy T - Mar 29, 2013
Isn't that the truth Gail! :)
Gail Welch - Mar 28, 2013
It's funny how I keep going back to my childhood favorites.
Tammy T - Mar 28, 2013
Thank you Gail! I like it too. I could not believe how many foods are wrapped! Thank you for that recipe! I use to eat something close to that when I was a young one. I love those!
Gail Welch - Mar 28, 2013
What a wonderful idea for a cookbook, Tammy. Thanks for including my Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Weiners