Breakfast Recipes-Start Your Day Off Right!

Breakfast Recipes-Start Your Day Off Right!
Created January 2015

Eileen Hineline
By Eileen Hineline @HappyCooking54
Lovingly Compiled by
Eileen Hineline [emh52]
Breakfast is the first meal taken after rising from a night's sleep, most often eaten in the early morning before undertaking the day's work.
Breakfast is the most important meal of your day and on the cover is Southern Grits and Eggs (Eggs in Heaven)
By Pat Duran kitchenchatter.
A good breakfast fuels your day and inside this cookbook you will have many delicious choices to choose from.
Thank You to all the JAP cooks for their delicious recipes.
I am honored to include them in this book.

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Pat Duran - Jan 29, 2015
Thank you Eileen for including my recipes in this breakfast book and for all the other books you have assembled..hugs..
Without these books I would have missed some great recipes of other cooks here on JAP..hugs....
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Hi Julia and good morning-I was glad to include your recipes and glad you like the book,I had fun making it.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Good morning TwinkleStar, I had fun making the book and so happy you like it. Enjoy the recipes,glad yours is in there!
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Hello and good morning Jeanne-Thank you for your kind comment. hoping to make that sandwich today(The Sunbird Sandwich). Im glad you like the book.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Yw Andy-:o)
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Hello,good morning Carolyn, glad to have your recipe in the book, I enjoyed making the book and hope you enjoy the recipes,I am usually skipping breakfast but not anymore. Have a great day.
Andy Anderson ! - Jan 29, 2015
Thanks, Eileen. I could breakfast morning, noon and night.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Hi Cindi-It was my pleasure to add your recipes,I never had poached eggs and want to make them and I know I love your orange Julius recipe. I know everyone will enjoy the recipes too.
Eileen Hineline - Jan 29, 2015
Good morning Andy, I'm glad you like the recipes,hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
carolyn schexnayder - Jan 29, 2015
Eileen, I really appreciate being included in this cookbook, especially since this is one of my favorite recipes. You did a fantastic job of compiling this and you should be very proud of a wonderful accomplishment!!! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do!
Cindi Bauer - Jan 28, 2015
Eileen, I 'am so honored that you included two of my recipes in your breakfast cookbook. Thank you for adding the Orange Julius Knock!!! recipe, as well as my recipe for Poached Eggs on Toast.
Jeanne Gliddon - Jan 28, 2015
Excellent job Eileen and you should be proud!
Julia Ferguson - Jan 28, 2015
Eileen, Thanks for the great cookbook, breakfast is my favorite meal. Thanks for including two of my recipes. Great job!
Teresa *G* - Jan 28, 2015
Wow, Eileen. thanks for including one of my recipes in your beautiful new breakfast cookbook! You did a great job assembling all of those great recipes. Congratulations!
Andy Anderson ! - Jan 28, 2015
WOW... excellent... thanks for taking the time to assemble these great recipes.