The Real Deal Recipe Book

The Real Deal Recipe Book
Created March 2013

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

The picture on the cover is one I took of the Lemon Bars I made. The recipe is in the Dessert section, submitted by Kathy Griffin - Easy Lemon Bars.

Thank you to all the Ladies who's recipes are in this cookbook as they really are "The real deal!"

Feb 2013

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Tammy T - Mar 22, 2013
Your pulled pork recipe sounds and looks delish!! I'm going to make a note to add the pineapple! Yum!! Thank you for the recipe!!
C C - Mar 22, 2013
Hi Tammy, what fun to see one of my recipes ( Sweet Pulled Pork Quesadillas ) in your cookbook! :) What a compliment; thank you! I love the community aspect of justapinch. I'm enjoying perusing the other fabulous looking recipes you've included. :)

I actually have some of the sweet pulled pork quesadilla makings as leftovers in my fridge and am drooling thinking about them! Everyone raves every time I make them. I had some fresh pineapple on hand, and included it with the pork this time; oh my goodness! Hope others enjoy it as much as we do!
Tammy T - Mar 7, 2013
Thank you again Rose SO much for saying this about my Tuna Twisted Pasta!! I know alot of your recipes should be getting a blue ribbon too! I will have to go back to the ones I've tried of yours and do the same!
Rose Selvar - Mar 7, 2013
My crock pot is loaded to the gills with crock pot chili!
Gotta go over to your Tuna Twisted Pasta Salad recipe and give it a nomination for a blue ribbon. If you haven't already won a ribbon for that recipe you should my opinion. 3/7/13
Tammy T - Mar 6, 2013
I hear that Rose!! I had to put it in the Real Deal Book! I plan on making it this week, I need my fix! I really want to try that chili recipe of yours too! That sounds so good and I love how easy it is, two of my favorite things about a recipe! :D
Rose Selvar - Mar 6, 2013
When I was reviewing your cookbook, I noticed your Twisted Tuna Pasta Salad. YOU KNOW that is one of my FAVORITE recipes! It is so handy to have a bowl of it in the fridge so that whenever I get an urge to eat something I can just pop it out and fix a small bowl of it. YUMM.
I bought some green peppers and some hamburger to make another pot of my crock pot chili. Hubby wants some!! Will probably make it tomorrow...or Friday for sure. Love you, too, my friend! {{HUGS}} 3/6/13
Tammy T - Mar 6, 2013
Carolyn, thank you for a wonderful recipe! I love red potatoes and the recipe sounds and looks delish! I will have to check out some of your other recipes! I'm working on another book now! ;)
Tammy T - Mar 6, 2013
Can't wait to try your crockpot chili Rose! It sounds really good! I am honored to have it in my book! I added my Tuna Twist Pasta Salad in this one too! :) Thanks for your kind words Rose! Luv ya girl!
Carolyn Parke - Mar 5, 2013
Thank You so kindly for combining my recipe with all the many fantastic recipes in this amazing collection. I am so honored. God has blessed me with the ability to cook and I love sharing my talent. Thanks again!
Rose Selvar - Mar 5, 2013
Thank you Tammy for putting my Crock Pot Chili recipe in amongst all those other great recipes in your newest cookbook! I am honored to have a spot in there. You have put together a great cookbook, hun. Way to go! 3/5/13
Lolita Slafter - Mar 5, 2013
Yes, I plan on doing the carrot bars for the cupcakes and still have to decide on decorator's icing or the cream cheese one I have.

I know there is a recipe in one of my Wilton books for decorator cream cheese icing and will have to check on the ingredient amounts.

Guess I'm trying to imagine a thicker icing that wouldn't be excessivly sweet.

Lol!!! I'm Sooooooooo wanting to know what those wrappers looked like! :)

What does that tell you? Lol
Tammy T - Mar 5, 2013
I know they will be amazing and I just put them on my list to make this weekend! I too have been thinking about the bunny cup cakes and want to do them! I would love to see a pic if you make them!

That Carrot bar recipe sounds wonderful! Are you going to make the bunnies out of it? Mmmmmm!

I saw some really cute wrappers in the store the other day and now I wish I had grabbed them! LOL! Keep me posted on your endeavors! Have a great day as well! Huggs!
Lolita Slafter - Mar 5, 2013
Thanks Tammy and the Honor is still mine!!! :)

I think you will really love the recipe and during my whole life I've not seen anything similar to it.

Since I'm crazy for both chocolate chip and sugar, these are just an amazing combination!

I've been thinking about experimenting with the bunny cupcake idea soon and will post pictures when I do.

For years I've been making this awesome carrot bar recipe with cream cheese frosting from my mom and want to see how it would work for cupcakes.

I also have to admit my addiction to cupcake wrappers and have a whole bucket full of different designs, so it might be hard to choose for Easter! Lol Have a GREAT Day Hon!!! :)
Tammy T - Mar 5, 2013
That salad looks so delicious Pat! Thank you for the recipe and the kind words!
Pat Duran - Mar 5, 2013
Tammy thank you for including my "Chicken Salad with Pasta and Cheese"- the book is nicely put together...