Party Flavors

Party Flavors
Created October 2011

Sherri Williams
By Sherri Williams @logansw
Compiled by Sherri Logan Williams

Do you want to have a stress free party? If your answer is yes, let Party Flavors assist you. The recipes in this cookbook are tasty and easy to make. You will find all kinds of yumminess! I've included some bonus tracks that you can add to your collection. Enjoy these recipes with your family & friends.

Thanks to all the wonderful cooks in Just A Pinch Recipe Club

Cooking with Passion, sw☺

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Sherri Williams - Oct 24, 2011
thank you all so much! the holidays are just around the corner and i hope that some of our JAP family members will find at least one recipe or idea in this cookbook to their liking. sw☺
sally ebeling - Oct 24, 2011

I just found you tonight and I have been having a wonderful time with you and your recipes, also your books...just wonderful, girl...thank you so much...Sally
Penny Hall - Oct 15, 2011
Sherri this is a fantastic book! Love it!
Melissa Sperka - Oct 14, 2011
Thanks for including my recipe Sherri!
Angela Gray - Oct 14, 2011
I have the perfect solution for my Holiday Stress. Sherri, I will just fly you and Roy out and you can spend a TN Christmas with us and we will cook together ! Or even better, you can just cook and we'll watch ! lol I bought David a smoke locker 4 Fathers Day's ago, it holds 25 chickens !! seriously...We naively offered to smoke the Christmas Turkeys one year. We ended up babysitting the smoker all night long, it was fun being up together until we remembered that James (11) at the time would be up with the chickens to open gifts from Santa. We were so tired, but the Turkeys were fantastic ! ( never, ever, again) lol Now we are older and wiser and smoke them in advance, starting early in the day ! tee hee
Deneece Gursky - Oct 14, 2011
love love love this! downloading for me and buying for my daughter. i am honored to have been included : )
Sherri Williams - Oct 14, 2011
Thank you all so much! It really makes me feel wonderful knowing that you all are happy to see your recipes included in my cookbook. ☺ It took alot of time to narrow down my top 50, since I had 150. LOL...I wanted to offer our JAP family and others a variety of recipes. I hope that this cookbook will do that. I wantthe host/hostess to enjoy themselves at the party and not stress out ove what to cook. My friends and family are in for a wonderful treat with these recipes. They have sampled some of them already...sw☺
Joanne Bellezza-Loughlin - Oct 13, 2011
Great cookbook. I am honored that you included one of my recipes! Thanks, Sherri!
Jennifer Bass - Oct 13, 2011

Thank you so much for including one of my recipes! It means so much that something that small could be in something so grand! :)
Angela Gray - Oct 13, 2011
Sherri, This cookbook gets a BLUE RIBBON ! OMG, I have to order this one, I am waiting on supper right now and after looking through this masterpiece I am starved to death !!! Thanks for including my recipe for the pumpkin parfaits, they are so cute and oh soooo good. I cannot wait to make Roys mussels by the way, man we can put away some muscles. Great job girl !
Didi Dalaba - Oct 13, 2011
Sherri, I am truly humbled and honored!! Thank you my friend!!