Potato Mania!

Potato Mania!
Created February 2013

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd
Feb 2013

Ode to a Spud

Dear beautiful potato,
When I gaze into your eyes,
I'm fearful,'cause all I think about
Is making you french fries.

I want to appreciate you,
I know I really can,
But I appreciate you most
With two eggs in a frying pan.

I love you, sweet potato,
And swear my heart will break,
If someone else devours you,
With butter, after you bake!

By Geminisinger

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Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Millie, I thought the poem was cute too! Can't wait to try your recipe, it sounds so good! I agree, can't have too many potato recipes! :)
Millie Johnson - over a year ago
Love the poem and love your cookbook ! Thank you for including my Savory Smoked Sausage and Potatoes recipe. You can never have too many potato recipes in my opinion ! lol :)
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Patti! I appreciate that! I have never had potato candy and thought how cool that is! I will have to try it for sure! What a nice way to remember your friend!
Patty Ward - over a year ago
Tammy, you have created a wonderful cookbook, featuring my favorite food-Spuds! Love the opening poem as well. :) Thank you for including my recipe for Potato Candy! It was originally given to me by my best friend who passed away in 1991. Our family and friends with whom I have shared it, love it as well.
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Adriana for the nice comments! I do not like stuffing but I saw your recipe and I know I will like that one! Can't wait to try it!
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Pat, I'm so glad you like my book! Those Sweet Potato Pancakes look so YUM!! Thank you for posting it!
Adriana Torres - over a year ago
Tammy what a great cook book! You did an amazing job. Thanks for including my recipe too!
Pat Duran - over a year ago
One potato-two potato-- I love all potatos- thanks for including Sweet Potato Pancakes/w Marshmallow Sauce love the poem too! Wonderful recipes!!
Tammy T - over a year ago
Almost forgot Ellen, thank you for your No Fuss Sausage and Potato Bake! Love that recipe! XXOO
Tammy T - over a year ago
Thank you Nancy!! I love it too! I noticed Nancy that you had alot of WI recipes and wondered! Love those spuds!! Especially Wisc spuds!! I am very fond of WI and am happy you will forward this on to them! XXOO
Tammy T - over a year ago
Hello Teresa and thank you for that yummy Banana Bread! I thought the poem was cute too :)
Tammy T - over a year ago
Colleen, I moved from WI about 20 yrs now. Married a Westerner. Lived in CA for awhile than moved to AZ. I've been in AZ now for 13 yrs now. I sure miss WI! I am still a Packer fan! Haha! I hope to visit WI soon! My oldest daughter visited WI last yr, her first time since she was 4 yrs old. Her father lives there still.
Nancy J. Patrykus - over a year ago
TAMMY...YOU have out done your self!
What a wonderful spud cookbook!!
I especaally love the introduction....
Iwill send this on to family...
they are potato farmers...in WISC!!
Thanks again...
Hugs, nancy...2/12/13
Teresa Jacobson - over a year ago
Thanks for including my Sweet Potato Banana Bread recipe Tammy. Love the poem!
Colleen Sowa - over a year ago
Melrose isn't far at all... small world! When did you move away?
I love it here...xo