Created September 2013

Nancy J. Patrykus
By Nancy J. Patrykus @Finnjin
My very good friend Ellie,
has been painting, Angels for ages.
This cover painting on the is one that she gifted to me, and graces
my bedroom wall..
A real treasure, and so is she.!

Sept.16, 2013

Lovingly Compiled
Nancy J. Patrykus [Finnjin]

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Tammy T - over a year ago
LOVE your painting of the Angels Nancy!! And I love your book as well!! I always consider it an honor when you include one of my recipes!! Thank you Dear Friend!! Hugs!!

50 Recipes in this Cookbook:

*** Mom's Pineapple Angel Food Cake *** Angel Delights Angel Food Cake (Gluten and Sugar Free) Angel Food Cake from Scratch- Gandma's Angel Food Cake with Mountain Dew Glaze Angel Food Chocolate Dream ANGEL FOOD MACAROONS -- BONNIE'S Angel Food Pineapple Cake ANGEL FOOD STRAWBERRY LAYER CAKE Angel Fruit Trifle Angel Lush Angel Torte with Chocolate Coffee filling ANGEL WING CHRISTMAS, CHOCOLATE CAKE Blackberry Angel Squares Blueberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Blueberry Angel Food Cake With Citrus Glaze Blueberry Angel Food Cheesecake Candy Angel Cake Chocolate-Orange Angel Food Cake Cinnamon Ripple Angelfood Cake Coconut Angel Food Cake Filled Angel Food Cake FRENCH-TOASTED ANGEL FOOD CAKE Frozen Angel Food Cream Heavenly Cherry Angel Food Trifle Key Lime Angel Food Cake W/ Key Lime Frosting Key Lime Coconut Angel Cake Lemon Angel Light Kiwi Lime Angel Food Mini Cupcakes Lime Angel Squares Maple Nut Angel Food Cake Orange, Coconut Angel Food Cake Peachy Keen Angel Cake w/Orange Frosting PEPPERMINT MARBLE ANGEL FOOD CAKE Pineapple Angelfood Sheet-Cake Pineapple Coconut Angel Food Cupcakes Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake Pineapple Delight Angel Food Cake By Freda POM-Cranberry Angel Pie Shelley's White Angel Fluff for 120 People Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Strawberry Angel Cake Strawberry Angel Cake STRAWBERRY ANGEL COOKIES Strawberry Angel Cookies (Smucker's) Strawberry Angel Food Delight Strawberry Angel Food Eclair Shortcake Strawberry Angel Food Trifle Strawberry filled Angel Food Cake Tropical Angel Food Cake