Trying New Recipes

Trying New Recipes
Created April 2015

Tammy T
By Tammy T @ttodd4jesus
Lovingly Compiled by
Tammy Todd

I love trying new recipes and here are some I definately want to try! Thank you Just A Pinch cooks for sharing your best recipes with everyone!

March 2015

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Tammy T - Apr 15, 2015
Thank you Sharon! :)
Sharon James - Apr 15, 2015
What great recipes..Each one a winner..thanks so much
Robin Lieneke - Apr 7, 2015
Thank you so much for including my easy does it brownies in your cookbook! ☺️
Tammy T - Apr 7, 2015
Your welcome! I am so happy and blessed to have them! Thank you for always sharing your recipes and ideas with us!! Very much appreciated! You have so many I want to do yet! Hugs!!
Cassie * - Apr 7, 2015
Thank you, Tammy for including me in your wonderful cookbooks. That includes the other 2 as well. I almost forgot to thank you. Hugs!
Tammy T - Apr 7, 2015
Thank you so much Victoria for that yummy recipe! I love chicken and Ranch! The recipes we tend to just throw together, are usually the best ones! :)
Victoria Ross - Apr 5, 2015
Thank you so much for including my Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole in your cookbook! To think that recipe came about when I didn't feel like going to the store but had to feed my (grown lol) kids. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
Tammy T - Apr 3, 2015
Thank you again Jeanne! I meant to print them one at a time but it just got away from me so I just finished them all at once. I want to buy them and am excited about getting them all. Thank you again dear friend!
Tammy T - Apr 3, 2015
Awwwa! I'm so glad I was able to put a smile on your face today Sharon! Your Chowder put a smile on my face as well! Its a great recipe and I love using my slow cooker when I can! Thank you for sharing it! :)
Tammy T - Apr 3, 2015
Thank you again Beverly for the recipe! I have not thought to make lasagna - Mexican style! Great idea! Got to try that one! :)
Jeanne Gliddon - Apr 3, 2015
Your on a roll with another great cookbook Tammy...congratulations!
Sharon Whitley - Apr 3, 2015
Thanks for including my recipe for Slow Cooker Bacon Potato Chowder. It really means the world to me today. You cannot imagine how much I needed that boost.
Beverley Williams - Apr 3, 2015
Thank you for including my Mexican Lasagna recipe in theis wonderful cookbook.
Tammy T - Apr 3, 2015
You have some great recipes Crystal! Thank you for sharing them! :)
Tammy T - Apr 3, 2015
Thank you Leanne!! I appreciate that!! You have to try the Crock Pot Bacon Ranch Chicken! It is SO good! I have made it several times! Easy and delish! My friends love it! Just a suggestion. Thanks again! :)